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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10

The Children

Snow heading out to see Mance, as soon he get in the wood. He goes to see Mance, he tells him he is sent to negotiate with him.

He asks him about Ygritte, he tells him about her death. After that they talk about number of men, Mance tells him that all they want is just to hide behind their wall. After that Mance found out his true intention, then they heard the attack horn. He is wonder is it from him, he said no.

The 2 Armies on horse are coming to them, they charge them in the wood. Mance’s army are scattering and captured, after surrender they found that it’s Stannis’s army.

Snow tells him that he is Stark’s son, his father died because of him. He asks Stannis to spare Mance because he used to help him. He also tells him to burn all body before night.

Cersei tells Tywin that she will not marry Loras, she threaten him to tell everyone about her and Jaime, the children of him. She tells Jaime what she did, he is surprised.

Few of slaves tells Daenerys that they want to back to their master. She allow them to do as they free, one of them tell her that her dragon kill his child. She decides to lock 2 of them with chain.

The night watch give funeral for men who died in battle and burn them properly, Snow burned Ygritte in the north.

Bran and Jojen arrive at their destination, they see the old tree. But during the way, they are attack by the undead. Jojen is killed, Bran and them are saved by a girl. She tells them that they are called the children.

Inside the tree they found the crow and old man, he tells them that he is also 3 eyes crow and many thing.

Brienne meets Arya and Clegane, she asks her about Bloody gate. But after she see Clegane then she knows that she is Arya. But they mistaken her that she is hired by Lannister. They fight and Brinne win, but Arya escape.

She found Clegane, he is dying. He tells her to following Brienne she will be safe. He asks her to end his life. But she didn’t.

Jaime decides to free Tyrion from the prison, he will send him to Vary’s ship. But Tyrion decides to go to see Tywin, he surprises that Shae is on his father’s bed.

They fight and he killed her. After that he takes crossbow and goes to see Tywin, he shoots him several times.

Varys ships him in the crate and send it out of kingdom, when he heard the toll bell he decides to go with him.

Arya decides to go to Braavos, she gives her coin to captain. He takes her to Braavos and she has her cabin.