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The Great Wall (2016)

The Great Wall is there for centuries, it’s one of humanity wonder. It’s long 5500 miles and took more than 1700 year to build, what it’s try to protected still be legend.

William and his men are chased by Hill tribe, they are assigned to looking for black power. During rest at night, few one his men is attacked by something. William killed one of them and took its hand with him.

William flee until the gate at The Great Wall, they are arrested and take in the wall. He shows them the hand he killed last night.

Commander Lin asks him where he found it, during they decide to kill them or not. They are under attack, they lock him up to wait next decision. They tell him about Tao Tie, which they are attacked by them.

He notices that their army are yellow as foot soldier, red as archery, purple for closed combat and blue are all women. After a while, enemy army shows up, they start to fight it. They are totally the monsters.

After they start to spot the queen with its army, the enemy starts to break in the wall. William get chances and kill several of them. After attack a while, their queen signal them to retreat.

General Shao decides to give them the chance, but they not want to let them go. They are invited in their army.

They lean that they have to stay there inside the wall, they meet Ballard another western. He tells them that he also came here for black power but he can’t leave.

Ballard plots plan with them to stole black powder while they are attacked, Strategy Wang explains them about Tao Tei and their plan.

At night one of Tao Tei ambush General Shao and Lin on the wall, Shao is killed. Before he died, he appoint Lin as his successor.

Wang thinks that because of Magnet they carried that make William can easier kill it, he wants to prove by going to captured one of it.

Next day during fight they try to capture one of them by put the sleep ingredient in harpoon, but they can’t put it up. William decides to go down and get it up. While he is in trouble, Lin use the black powder to help them.

They prove that magnet can stop the monster, William also decide that he won’t take the black powder wit him.

At night Wang and Lin found that enemy already breach the wall, and it heads to the capital. While Ballard try to steal the black powder. William try to stop them but failed.

He is framed that he try to steal it, fortunately one of solider see what happen. Lin just lock him up and after the queen.

Wang release William out, he decides to help Lin kill the queen. Lin found that monsters are already in the capital, while she is surrounded. William shows up and help her out.

They arrive at palace and plan to use the captured to attack the queen, they set it free and let it leave with black powder. While it goes back to feed with queen, William shoot at black powder on captured and destroy the queen.