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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9

The Watchers on the Wall

Snow and Sam are guard on the wall at night to check inf Mance’s men show up, Sam asks him about Ygritte why Snow asks him about Gilly. Finally this night he will be on the watch alone.

Mance’s men camping near bottom of the wall, while they try to insult Ygritte that she didn’t kill Snow. Gilly escape from there to the wall and warn them about Mance.

The Watchers on the Wall notices the army of Mance that head to them, on the way they burn all field. After his commander see number of Mance, he accepts his fault that they should seal tunnel as Snow suggest.

The Watchers on the Wall feels afraid for what are coming to them, giants and men are gathering at the wall. Mance’s army attack the wall, while group of Ygritte attack the south gate. South’s gate is breach, they are in the wall.

Snow’s friend tricks their command to below and let Snow command the wall instead, they see giants and Mance. Giant try to break their gate, Snow tells them it won’t held. He asks someone to hold the inner gate.

Snow goes down the hold the gate, one of giant gets in the wall. Snow’s men try hard to stop it.Sam release Snow wolf to help them, Ygritte is killed by one of the night watch. Finally they hold the gate that night.

Snow decides to see Mance, he thinks with Mance that make this army. He will try to kill him. He found that one of his friend dead but they hold the gate.