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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8

The Mountain and the Viper

Gily notices that Mance’s men are there, she hide out there but she found by Ygritte but she didn’t kill her. After Sam knows about it he feels sorry to left her there. His friend comfort him that she meets a lot of worse yet she survived, she will this time. Snow tells them they will him them next.

Missendei tells Daenerys about Grey worm spy on her while she naked, she thinks he interested in her. After they talk, they knows that they like each other.

Ramsey is sending Theon to tricks solider in the Moat castle, they invites him inside to see Kenning. He tells them that he is their prince, he tricks them leave the Castle. At first their command is refused, but their sub command kill him and surrender. But Ramsey killed them all after get in.

Councils of Vale doesn’t believe much when Baelish tells them that Lysa suicide, they want to question Sansa about it. She helps him lies, she tells them that he saved her.

Baelish try to convinces Vale’s lord to protect Sansa and fight Lannister, they agreed with him.

Barristan gets a papwer from Tywin, it’s a paper that prove that Jorah is already pardon by Robert. He thinks he is a spy, Jorah is called to explain to Daenerys. He accepts that he did spy to her.

She is very upset that he betrayed her, she fired him out of city and goes back to King’s landing.

Bolton accepts Ramsey as his son, after he gets him the Moat. He tells him that now the north is belong to him.

Baelish asks Sansa why she help him, she tells him she doesn’t know what they will do to her after he died.

Clegane and Arya arrives at Vale, they found that Lysa dead. She laugh at him non stop, while Sansa, Baelish and Robbin are going to leave.

Oberyn is called the viper, Tyrion starts to not sure that he can beats the mountain or not. Tomorrow is the day that he will knows that The Mountain and the Viper, when they fight who will win.

The fight between The Mountain and the Viper, end with the victory of the mountain. Tywin declares the death sentence to Tyrion.