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SiREN (2016)

Nyx and sheriff Boone is at the cemetery, he called him because in this situation only Nyx can solve it. They found bodies inside the church, they following the foot print and found Lilith Then Sheriff is killed by her, Nynx think that they try to summons something they can’t control. He convinces her and put the lock on her leg.

Eva and Jonah are going to marry, so his brother and his friends take him and heading to club for celebrate for him. But that club they get make them disappoint.

Jonah’s brother knows something from a man in club about Nyx’s place, they decide to check it out with him.

They enter the place and found what they are looking for, then they meet Nyx. He shows take them to hidden room, he see Lilith there.

Lilith starts to sing and make him so happy, when he is leaving he thinks that she is locked up. He wants to help her out, he takes his friend and get her out with them.

She gets out with them but they are tail by Nyx’s men, she gets chance and grab the key and unlock herself out of the lock. Jonah see her eating that man alive, he freaks out and try to escape out.

They rush out from there, but during the way Lilith take each of them out of the car. Nyx and his men following them there.

Jonah and his brother think that Lilith is looking for him, but they manage to escape. But they end up with Nyx’s men. Then Lilith shows up and kill them, she following him and tell him that she like him.

She takes him out to sky, she takes him to quiet place. He try to escape but she sang him and take him to make sex with her.

His brother following him and try to help him out, Jonah try to escape again. He found Nyx’s man, he wants to exchange Lilith with his friend.

He is taken back to Nyx’s place, Nyx wants to use Jonah as bait to lure Lilith in. He wants him to lock her back.

Lilith shows up and kill Nyx’s men, Nyx uses Jonah to force her in trap. But he decides not to lock her, Jonah’s brother shows up and help him out. But he is killed by Nynx, Lilith shows up and kill him.

Jonah goes back to Eva and married, but one night Lilith shows up and take him away.