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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7


Jaime complaints to Tyrion for what he done in trial, he tells him that he can’t stand her lies. But he feels a little bit good to stop Tywin’s plan. He tells Jaime that he could fight for him but Jaime not so sure, Tyrion ask him to find Bron for him. while Cersei asks Grego to fight for her.

Arya and Clegane found injured man who is attacked by king’s men. They wait and send him out, they also found that king is dead.

In council, Snow tells them the plan to defend themselves but they don’t want to listen to him. Instead they try to strength the wall, he tells the it won’t hold against the giant.

Tyrion found out that Bronn is married by arrangement from Cersei, he wants to fight for him if he can get castle. Finally he refused to fight for him.

Daario try hard to get Daenerys, he give her several flowers to win her heart. Finally she agree with him. After that Jorah found he leave her room, he is upset.

She tells him that she didn’t trust him, he just ordered him to kill all master in Yunkai. He doesn’t agree, she tells him she will send her embassy with Daario to give the master the choice.

Clegane tells Arya about him and his brother, Brinne and Pod meets with Arya’s friend. She tells him that she serve for Catelyn to find her daughters, he tells them about the hound and Arya and where they head.

Oberyn shows up at Tyrion and tells him that he will be his champion, he wants to kill the Clegane by himself.

Sansa accidentally hit Robin, she is worried that Lysa will punish her. Baelish show up with his mocking bird pin on him and comfort her, she asks him why he killed Jeffrey. He tells her that he loved her mother than anything. He kissed her because she look likes her mother, Lysa saw them.

She ask her to see her at moon door, she upsets because she kissed Baelish. He shows up and convinces her to let Sansa goes. After that he push her down the moon door.