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Alien Covenant (2017)

After create David, … is teaching David what he is and why he creating him. David ask him who create him, he tells him one day they will be able to answer it.

Convent is the space station that hold the colonies, Walter is there to serve the crew. He starts to wake up all crews after recharge the station.

But there is a explosion nearby and damage the ship, he wakes up all crew immediately but their captain and few crews failed to revive because of malfunction.

Danny is very sad of lost the captain, because he is her husband. Chris becomes new their captain. He assigns his team to fix the ship and ready to their target, Origae-6.

While one of crew out there to fixed the power, he see something in his camera. After fix the signal, they found it’s the SOS signal from a planet.

After check they found that planet is more suitable like Origae-6 and it very close to them. They all agreed to switch to this planet instead except Danny.

She try to change Chris’s mind but he won’t, at the end they straight to this planet. After they land on the planet successfully, they set the team and try to locate the signal they get.

Due to electric storm, they have problem to communicate with ship above. One of their team is infected with something small, at the source signal they see the huge spaceship.

They enter inside the ship, one of the crew also infected with something small too. Danny found the tag of Shaw, who missing from 10 years ago. At the control center, they found where the signal is send.

Then one of them report about sick, they decide to go back to ship. But the crew starts to sick and bleed out, something is growth inside him and it comes out his body and kill another one before break out the room. One of them try to kill it but end up blow up the ship.

One of alien also come out from the other infected and escape, but they come back with more of them and attack them. Then someone shows up and flare out the sky and chase them out.

They following that guy to the place behind the wall, there they found a lot of body on ground. They found that man is David, he tells them about Shaw and the virus.

Chris found that he lost his 5 crews after land, David tells Walter what happen after they land. He put all virus back on the creator’s planet, they are all killed.

David tells Walter that he loves Shaw same way that Walter love Danny, few of aliens infiltrate into the place and starts to hunt them down.

Covenant’s captain try to get communication with the ground team, he ascent the ship to help them. Chris found that one of his team is killed by alien and Walter try to talk with it. He kill it without hesitate, he tells David to tell him the truth.

David shows him what he experiment on the alien, He also shows him the egg as soon he come close to the egg, he is captured and enter to his body.

After wake up, alien comes out from his body and killed him. Walter found Shaw’s body, she is experiment by David. When he confronts David about it, David kill him.

Danny found that David kill Shaw and he is going to kill her same way. Walter shows up and help her out, finally he kill David.

Danny call out the beacon to pick them up, after they on board they found that one of alien is with them. Danny goes out to kill it.

They successfully back to the ship, after that a day Danny is informed that something ins on the ship. She found that it kill already one of their crew and heads to other.

Danny plans to lure it to the terminal bay, they success drop it back to the planet. Danny and other goes back to there pod and sleep.

They plan to continue to Orega-6 again to setup their colony. But before Danny goes to sleep she found out that Walter is David but it’s too late.

David carry 2 alien eggs with him and plants them with colonies.