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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6

The Laws of Gods and Men

Davos and Stannis head to Iron bank to get the gold from them, Davos tells them that he is a king. But they said now Tommen is the king, they ask him about their possibility before lend them gold.

They refuse them at first because he has no power, Davos convinces them and get them gold.

Yara and her army head to Winterfell to get Theon back, she found him locked as the dog in cage. But Theon doesn’t want to go back, he makes Yara traps and almost get killed. She barely escape and after that she considered him as dead.

Ramsey commands Theon to help him get the castle for him, he asks him to acts like Theon Greyjoy.

Daenerys gets the complaint from her people that her dragon kill his flock, she pays him to his lost. One of the master comes to ask to have their master funeral, she feels that it’s not fair for what they did to children.

At council Tywin get news about Clegane, Daenerys and her army. Oberyn is very interested in Clegane’s news. He goes ask Varys about it.

Jaime takes Tyrion to the trial, Tywin asks him if he or Sansa kill Joffrey. They have many witness who accused him. Jaime try to convinces Tywin to help Tyrion, he tells him to leave kingsguard and goes to castle rock. Tyrion will be sent to the wall as night watch.

Tyrion is surprise that he saw Shae there, she tells them that he and Sansa plan to kill Joffrey. She help them accused him, Tyrion is so upset and willing to die. He tells them that he wants a trial by combat.