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Monster Trucks (2016)

Dowd just arrived at his site with his truck, he is eco’s leader of this site. His scientist warns him about drill through the water pocket underground that it might has life form, but he decides to drill through the water.

But he’s wrong something come from the water there and get out on surface. They hired Berke to captured all of them, one of it hide it in the broken truck.

Weathers is Tripp’s boss, he tolls it from site to destroy it. Tripp try to fix his old father’s truck.

Next day he spots the damage of several cars in town, it likes something drill the car. That night he heard something banging, he found one of monster. He try to run out from it, he can lock it in side the trap door.

He call the sheriff to check but when they arrive it gone, they think that he lied to them.

At night Tripp plans to lure the creature out with oil tank, it shows up and try to take the oil tank. When Tripp see it and feel that monster is not harm. But switch has accidentally on , he try to help it out.

Monster feels good with him as he rescues him, they become friend. Tripp try to get to sheriff to prove, but he run off with wheel around.

Burke notices about Tripp’s report. he and his men go to check there. Tripp try to hide it from them, but monster hide itself in his truck. Meredith is his friend, she comes to see him. He has no choice but takes her with him, it starts to running out with his car.

They are end up at Meredith’s barn, he hide it inside and cover it. He discovers how to use monster to replace as his engine. But he has no control on him, after that he name it Creech.

He and Meredith go to see his father to ask about the monster, but Burke and his men try to get Tripp, but Creech see Burke and help them escape out.

Burke and his men chase Tripp into the town, they escape from Burke and sheriff by running on the roof. They escape out from them and hide in one of Meredith’s father house.

Dowd tells his boss about how intelligent of monster he found, but his boss doesn’t care and wants to put him down the pipe.

Next day Tripp and Meredith found out that Creech’s missing, they track him back to the oil’s company. He found his truck but Creech is missing, Meredith thinks that he must be inside.

They following it into the lab, they found other monsters that captured. Creech is showing up, Burke and his men shows up and put him down.

Dowd tells Tripp and Meredith that he wants to help monsters, he helps them get monsters out. He find the 2 more trucks to give to other monsters, with his friend’s help he get 2 more trucks.

Next day, Dowd hijacks the truck transport monsters. He gives them to Tripp and put them in trucks. They are heading to their home.

Burke and his me chasing them, they chase them to the mountain. They found from Dawd that Company are going to poison the other monster in in cave, they rush after it and try to stop them.

Rick try to help Tripp out from them, they jumping from the mountain to intercept the company’s poison t ruck.

They try to stop the poison while Creech and Tripp fight with Burke, it throws him and destroy the pump. Tripp and Creech fell down to the lake, but Creech help him out.

He goes back with his family and other monsters.