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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5

First of His Name

Tommen is appointed as the king, as first of his name. they are joy and happy with new king. Cersei found that Tommen already fell into Margaery, she try to check her if she interest into the queen.

Daenerys learns that Joffrey just dead, she asks if her army enough to win. Barristan tells her it possible, but Jorah tells her no. He tells her about her free city, they are taken back. She tells Jorah that she wants to free the slave and she will help the slave again.

Baelish takes Sansa to bloody gate, he tells her story about place that never overcome for 1000 years.

Sansa meets Lysa and Robin, she tells her that she must not tell anyone about herself. Seem Lysa has affair with Baelish, she wants to marry him but he refuses.

Tywin wants Tommen to marry Margaery and still wants to Cersei to marry Loras. He tells her also about debt of the kingdom to Iron bank. He tells her that they can’t cheat them out.

Lysa is upset with Sansa, she thinks that Baelish is fell with Sansa. She try to tell her she is not, after that she tells her that she will marry Robin.

Brienne and Pod are heading to the wall to find Snow, she thinks Snow will help her to find Sansa and Arya.

Cersei try to make Oberyn to side with her and help her on trial of Tyrion, she asks him to send gift to her daughter.

Snow and his brothers plan to attack Craster’s place, Locke found where Brann and other captured. They are going to rescue them but Locke taken Bran before Snow see them.

But he controls Hodor and make him kill Karl, after that Hodor let Jojen and Mereen goes. Jojen tells him that they need to leave Snow he will not allow him to go, he agree and leave.

Snow burns down the Craster’s keep along with all bodies, Craster’s wife refuses to go with them to Castle black.