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The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Dom and Letty are at the car racing ground in Mexico, he found that his cousin has problem with gangster. And he is going to lose his car, Dom helps him out by win the race with his cousin slowest car.

But after the race Dom end up and destroy his cousin’s car, he gives him his car instead in return.

Next day while Dom meets Cipher, she pretend that her car is broken and he try to help him fixed. She wants him to work for her, she wants him to work against his team and she makes him has no choice.

While Hobbs is the children soccer coach,  he receives the important mission and he decides to work with Dom’s team.

At Germany, after Roman created diversion. They try to get EMP out of the port while German’s authorized following them. During mission Letty notices that Dom is acting strange but she doesn’t know what.

After done, Dom steals the item from Hobbs and leave him arrest by German’s authority. Hobbs tells the other that Dom went rogue, Dom is now work for Cipher.

At prison, Hobbs gets deal from Mr. Nobody that if he confess what he did at Berlin, he will get out prison. But Hobbs refused, then he is sent into prison. There he meets Deckard, and they are still rival.

The lock of his cell is opened, he knows that Nobody try to break him out. He refused, then Deckard get chances while guard shows up to stop Hobbs and break out his cell. Hobbs following try to stop him but somehow he break out the cell with Deckard. Outside Mr. Nobody is waiting them.

Mr. Nobody take him to see his team, then he explains them about Cipher and Dom works with her. Nobody tells them that Owen will also work with them, because Cipher ruins his brother life before he end up in jail.

With Nobody’s tool, god’s eye Tez and Ramsey can find Dom’s location. But they found that Dom is at their place, then explosion is emerge it take all of them down. Then Dom and Cipher show up, she takes Nobody’s god’s eye out.

Dom agreed to work with Cipher because his wife, Elena and his baby are captured by Cipher. She threaten to kill his son if he won’t work with her.

With Deckard’s ability they found Dom is at New york, Hobbs and his team sent to New York’s toy shop. There they have a lot car include the tank, fast car.

Dom get chances and escape from Cipher’s eye, he goes to see Deckard’s mother and make a deal with her without Cipher knows about it.

Cipher with god’s eye, she found Russia’s minister’s car She sent Dom to get the case Cipher hacks into every car there and make chaos and stop Russia minister’s car.

Dom shows up and take the nuclear launcher’s case, on the way he backs to Cipher. His team shows up and block him, Dom get chances and escape from them and Deckard is shot down by Dom.

But after back to Cipher, Elena is killed because Dom lets Letty go and he almost lost the case to her.

Hobb’s team found that Dom is at Russia, there is old Russian’s base there. Dom shows up at the front of base, he fired up the EMP to power down the base. He entered the base to disable the submarine.

Cipher now get control of the nuke, Hobbs and team get in the base to stop her plan. He splits to 2 team, Ramsey to hack to submarine and Roman and other to remove the weapon in submarine.

But they are failed to hack, Cipher hack back and try to fire the nuke. Roman’s team success to disable the nuke. Cipher decides to take of the submarine, Hobbs and team try to stop it to open water.

Cipher decides to kill Hobbs’s team, while Owen and Deckard shows up on Cipher’s plane. They are saved by Deckard’s mother people according Dom’s plan, they get in the plane and get Dom’s baby. Dom gets out and kill Cipher’s men.

While they are in trouble, Dom shows up and help them out trouble. Cipher is upset and launch torpedo to them but she missed.

She uses the submarine to chase them to water, she fired the missile to them. But Dom trick her missile to hit on her submarine instead. Cipher try to escape out of the plane, but Deckard failed to stop her.

Dom get his son back from Deckard, he names his son Bryan.