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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4


While one of Daenerys’s man teaches grey worm how to read, after that Daenerys ask him to sneaks into city to release the slaves. He takes the weapons and give to the slaves, he tells them if they want free they have to get by themselves. 

After that all slaves kill their master and free themselves. She tortured all master the same way they did for slaves.

Jaime’s ability is better after train with Bronn, he tells him that while he was in trial. He named him as champion, he believes he will right day and night to see him.

Jaime goes to see Tyrion finally, but he couldn’t release him. He tells Jaime that Sansa is not killer.

Baelish tells Sansa that he is going to marry with her aunt, Lysa. She tells him that she knows that he is the killer, he accepts.

Olena tells Margaery that she is going to marry Tommen instead, she tells her that she is the one who did kill Joffrey. She tells her to get Tommen before Cersie turn him.

Locke infiltrates in the nightwatch, Snow try to train the men but his commander doesn’t agree and wants to get rid of him before he is chosen to be new commander.

Cersei wonders why Catelyn releases him, she wants him to go out and hunt down Sansa. He try to convince her that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey but she won’t listen.

At night Margaery goes to see Tommen and seduce him, she tells him that their meeting will be their secret.

Jaime gives Valyrian sword and new armor to Brienne to find Sansa and protect her from harm. She name her sword “Oathkeeper”

Snow found out that Brann might be at the Craster, he asks council to find him. Locke and few of them are volunteer to go with him.

The men at Craster’s place found that if Craster get the son, he will offered to the god, the white walker. He does the same as Craster, while Brann and other is in the wood they heard baby cry.

Brann controls the wolf to take him back, but it’s captured by trap. He tells them that he sees Snow’s wolf, they go to check and found that they are not night watcher.

Then they are captured by them, Brann has no choice but tell them who he is to save them.

After white walker takes the baby, it takes him to the stand. After that one of them turns the baby to white walker.