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Max Steel (2016)

Max is the normal teenager, one day he found out that there is something strange around him happen.

He meets Sofia during he goes to school with his bike while she hit him, she helps him fix his bike.

There is a N-Tek lab in his town, one day something emerge from below the water container it seem react with Max’s ability. That day his mother’s friend, Miles show up.

He overheard what they talk about his father accident, while he try to figure out he found that his hand is glow. He found that he can release some energy out of his hand. He is very curious about it.

One day while Max dates with Sofia, his power is awake he run to the wood. Then he found himself on the bed, he wakes up and found robot, Steel.

It explains what happen to him, he tells him that he wakes him up. He can help him absorb his extra energy before he explode.

While they are in wood, they notice some men go after them. They flee to the school to hide him, after that they decide to check what happen to N-Tek.

Inside the building they start to harmonized and merge together as first time, after that they are chased by man in suit. Max takes Sofia to N-Tek to see Miles, he wants to know what happen to his father that day.

But before he gets answer, he feels something and run off. He found himself chased by tornado. He found something is inside it, Ultra link while it try to grab him.

Max called up for Steel, they merge together. They try to escape from it, Ultra link. They hit it with their power, Max found that Steel is one of Ultra Link.

He doesn’t believe Steel anymore, he run back to his home and found man in black. He rush to Sophia for help, he try to ask Miles. But he found that his mother is captured, he runs to help her out.

But it’s turn out that Miles set trap to him, his mother found out that Miles tell man in black to kill Steel. But turn out that she is the majority holder of Ntek company, she ordered them to find Max.

Max found the machine that his father went, he found Steel there. Then he see his father’s memory, his father and Miles with Steel are working on experiment. He found that his father is alien. Then the tornado shows up, he found that Miles betray his father and drain his energy.

His father decides to stop it by overload the core before disappear. Miles shows up and attack him, he wants him to be his energy. While Miles i taking his energy, Max decide to overload the core. They merge together along with energy from core and transform to full body.

They fight with Miles but they failed. Max think of the plan to give him excess energy to overload Miles, their plan works. Miles is gone.

His mother shows up, after that she explains everything to him.