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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3

Breaker of Chains

During the chaos, one of her admire help her out the festival. He takes her out of the city before they are locked down in city while Cersei and other are looking for her. She is taken to the ship, she found Baelish there.

Margaery curious that is she the queen, she feels that her husband always dead miserable. Tywin tells Tommen that after his brother die, he will become a new king. Tywin try to teach him to be good king.

Jaime goes to see Cersei with Joffrey’s body, she tells him that Tyrion is the one who kill her son. But he doesn’t believe that, after that he sleep with her there.

Arya tells Clegane that she wants to go to Braavos, during the way she lies to have the food and roof for night. The owner don’t like Frey, he thinks that Tully is better. He even recruit him for work, but next day Clegane beats him down and take his coins.

Sam worry about Gily, he thinks that she might not safe there with him in the night watch’s place. He wants to send her away that make her upset.

Stannis more confident about his god after he gets new that Joffrey dead, Stannis tells Davos that they have no gold to get army. He doesn’t want to be forget, he will continue to press his claim. Davos found solution for that, he asks to write letter to Iron bank.

Tywin goes to see Dorne, he suspects of him too because he met with Tyrion fews days ago before that. And he knows that he hates his family, he agreed to make him meet with the mountain. But he needs him be in trail of Trion, he will give him position in council and he will be need in war with Targaryen.

Tyrion found that he will be in trail with Tywin, Tyrell and Oberyn. He found that Sansa is missing, he suspects a lot of possible include Tywin.

Mance and his army raid the villages on the way to Castle black, the survivor arrive at castle and report to them. They plans to stay inside the wall to fight with Mance.

Daenerys’s army arrive at Meereen, they send their champion to fight with her. She decides to send Daavos to fight with him, he wins him easier. Daenerys tells the city about slaves who she sets free, and now she wants them free.