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Life (2017)

While a satellite, Pilgrim moving in its orbit, it is hit by asteroid and went down. At Mars’s space station, they are going to exam the soil from mar that they receive from Pilgrim.

They send Rory to get it back to space station, after that they start to test soil from Mar into rat lab. Hugh found life form in it, after they give it the heat. It starts to move, they are very exited. They name it Calvin.

After that Calvin starts to growth and has some organ, later that they notice something in lab. Once they check they found that Hugh miss to check something before leave lab and Calvin become inactive.

They try to wake Calvin again by few electricity, the result is surprise them because Calvin break their equipment and hold Hugh hand and finally break his hand.

Calvin break out from its lab and kill rat’s lab and growth bigger by eat it. Rory gets in and try to get Hugh out but he is captured by Calvin, he try to kill it with heat but he failed. Calvin gets in his mouth and kill him by eating him from inside.

After Calvin get out the lab by sneak in to Air duck, now it can be anywhere . They try to find it and put back quarantine. But they found that their communication to earth is broken.

Kat goes out to check and found that coolant of communication is eaten by Calvin. It goes out from tube and grab her, it try to get in her suit. Kat try to get back the station but Calvin break her coolant and drown her in her own suit.

But Kat didn’t made it, she drown in her suit and try to stop Calvin from get inside. Calvin try to find way to get in the station, they try to blow it out but failed.

What they did it make the station ascending down to atmosphere, Calvin finally get inside because they lost all power from trying to get Calvin. After that they try to seal off Calvin from them self.

After that suddenly Hugh is dead, they try to revive him back. Then they notice that Calvin is at Hugh leg and eating it. They shock it out, now Calvin is chase after them. Cho distract it to him, he try to hide from it by get in his locked. Calvin try to get in but give up after that.

David notices that they can track Calvin now, because it swallowing Hugh’s marker. They lure Calvin to Hugh’s body, they success to lock it. They try to lower oxygen to kill Calvin.

Then they notice that control plan to push the station to deep space, while Sho though that the rescue is coming. He head to Calvin and i try to kill him. Miranda and David try to help him but Calvin start to eating him.

Station start to crash into itself, David found that station is not go into deep space but down toward to atmosphere. They also lost their life support is out and they are freezing.

David thinks of the plan to take Calvin to deep space and avoid him to enter atmosphere. His plan works, Calvin shows up to him. He lures him to his pod, while he will control the pod to deep space. Miranda use her pod to the earth.

But their plan failed, during the escape their pod is crashing and make David’s pod is on the earth and discover by few fishermen.