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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2

The Lion and the Rose

Samsay uses human to play the hunting game, while Theon run following as his follower.

Jaime tells Tyrion that his fighting skill is not anymore, he tells him that he should train. He send his man, Bronn to train him.

Balton backs to his castle, he found that his son, Ramsey damages Theon so much. He plans to use him to get the castle. he shows his father that now Theon is very obey him. He tells them that Brann and Rickon still alive, Bolton tells Ramsey to prove himself by take one of Castle.

At the king’s wedding, each of them give him the presents. Tyrion gives him the book but he uses his new sword and destroy it.

Tyrion found that Tywin might knows about Shae, he try to send her out before she killed. He send Bronn to escort her out of king’s landing.

Melisandre burns Stannis’s men to sacrifice to their fire god. And it seem all of them feels it’s right.

Jojen warns Brann that he spent too much time on his wolf, his body will be weaker if he didn’t eat well and he will forget everyone. They stop at the tree with a face, when he touch it he heard the voice, north.

Joffrey and Margaery marry, they have the festival to celebrate them. Olena reminds Tywin about the debt to Iron bank. New queen gives some food for poor too but Cersei try to damage her reputation.

Cersei found from Brienne that Jaime rescued her several times, she found that she love Jamie.

After that Joffrey shows them the play of drafts, they play as 5 kings war. He insults Rently, Stark. The play upsets a lot of people except Lannister. Joffrey try to insults Tyrion in front of everyone, they almost break up but Margaery help out the situation.

He try to make him cupbearer, he tells him to give him wine. But after Jeffrey eat his pie and drink wine, he is poisoned and death. They all think that it’s Tyrion who kill him. Cersei tells guards to take him.