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Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Once upon a time there is a prince who did bad to his people, one night he is at the dancing party. The old woman shows up and ask his help but he turn her rose down, she is upset and turn into enchantress and turn him into beast. He has to find someone who loves him before last leaf of his rose gone.

Belle is the young lady live in town, she always think about something out of her town. She loves the book and always with them, Gaston is the soldier in army he plans to propose Belle. But she always refuse him.

Belle’s father is music box maker, one day while he goes out to delivery his box he lost in wood and arrive at prince’s castle.

He barges in the castle and start his dinner, then he meets the talkable cup. He starts running out of castle but before leave he wants to get rose for Belle.

He takes it out without permission, prince shows up and captured him. Her father’s horse running out to Belle.

It takes her to prince’s castle, she heard some noise like her father. She found him in the cell, he tells her to escape.

Prince shows up and tell her that her father try to steal his rose, and for that he has to stay in castle forever. She volunteers to stay instead of her father, prince agreed. Belle tells her father that she will find way to escape.

She meets the talkable candle and clock, they guide her to her room. They tell her that she can go anywhere but west wing.

At her bed room, she meets talkable wardrobe it try to dress her but fell asleep before done. Belle found way to escape from castle.

Belle’s father goes to town and tell them about prince, Gaston also there he agree to help take Belle back.

Prince’s servants plan to use Belle to break curse, but Belle doesn’t want to. He is upset and leave her alone. They try to talk to her and make her dinner with their master. Belle thinks that his servants trap there because prince.

She decides to free them too, she heads to west wing to checkout. She found the enchant rose, but prince shows up and chase her out.

Belle run out the castle but she is chased by wolves, she is surrounded by them. Before they attack her, prince show up and rescue her. He gets injured, and pass out, Belle takes him back to castle.

His servants tell her about princes’s family, why prince behavior become like he is and the curse. Belle takes care of prince until he fully recover.

Belle’s father is beaten and leave dead by Gaston after he refused to give Belle marry him. Next day old woman shows up and rescue him.

Prince found that Belle like the book, he shows her his library. She is very happy, after that they start to read together and become close.

Prince shows her the book from enchantress, it can take her to the place she wants to see by touch. She touches and it takes her to Paris, seem it can takes her to place where is in her memory. She found that her mother died because of plague.

Gaston comes back to town and found that Belle’s father still alive, he tells the other that Gaston try to kill him but nobody believes him.

At castle, prince asks Belle to dance and she said yes. He is very nervous, but they have their dance. After that prince show Belle her father, seem he is in trouble. He allows her to goes back to her father.

Belle leaves him to save her father, prince tells his servants that he let her go. Belle stops the town people before they send him to hospital. She shows town people that prince exist by show them the mirror.

Gaston twisted story and lock her and her father, he convinces all town people to kill the beast.

Servants in castle found that they are under attacked by town people, Belle tells her father about the beast, she try to warn him.

Gaston track down prince to the tower, while his servants chase out all town people. Gaston shot down prince, Belle shows up and try to stop him.

The beast didn’t take Gaston’s life but Gaston fire him at back, but he fells down because of collapse. After that last rose left is fell down, Prince died and all his servants become thing.

The enchantress shows up while Belle say to prince that she love him, she gives him back his life and turn him back to human. His castle back to normal along with all servants.

All people in town also remember everything.