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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1

Two Swords

Tywin gives Jaime new sword from Valyrian, then he ask him to back to Castle rock to rule the castle. He refused and wants to be kings guard.

Tyrion is waiting for Dorne, he is ordered to welcome him. But he is not shows up, his brother Oberyn is there instead. He found him again at Baelish’s place where he kill Lannisters.

Oberyn tells Tyrion that last time he was in city, his father kill his sister and nephews. He plans to make revenge on them.

Daenerys’s dragons are so big now, they don’t listen to her much. Jorah tells her it’s their nature that they can’t tame.

Sansa is so upset after dying of Robb and her mother, she refuses to eat. Tyrion try to convinces her to be strong, while Shae is upset with Tyrion because she thinks that he is abandon her.

Cersei is upset with Jaime because he lefts her there when she needs him the most, then one of Sansa’s servant shows up and tells her about Shae and Tyrion.

Snow knows about Robb’s death, he tells Sam that he always jealous of Robb. Sam tells him he also jealous of him.

He tells the council about what he saw and heard from Mance, their army. They let him leave after that.

Brienne tells Margaery about what’s she saw in the night Renly died, she sure it’s Stannis shadow.

Joffrey is not appreciate Jaime, he insults him for his age and his single hand. He questions his ability to be his king’s guard.

Daenerys’s army arrive at Meereen, she see the corpse of slave’s children. They tell her that they will appear on every mark to Meereen. She is very upset.

Clegane plans to take Arya to her aunt, Lysa. But on the way, she saws the man who took her sword. She makes Clegane no choice but get it for her. They are the group of men who raid every on the way.