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Assassins Creed (2016)

Knights Templar is searching for Apple Eden for long time but only Assassins Creed is who try to stop them.

Aguilar is in the ceremony from his mentor, he swears to stop Knights Templar from getting The Apple.

After Callum comes back to his home, he found his mother is killed by his father. He tells him that someone found them, he tells him to live in shadow and run away. Men in several cars show up and take his father out.

30 years later, Callum is captured in the prison. The day that they execute him because of kill someone, he is injected the lethal.

After he wakes up he found himself in the room, he meets Dr. Sophia. She tells him now he is officially dead. He try to run out but he found himself in building with high wall.

They tell him that he is at building of secret organization, what they do is to protect the world. After prepared him, they send him to 1492 into someone’s memory.

After plug into the machine, Callum found himself in the past. He and colleagues are going to stop the Templar who are looking for the prince.

They are gong to burn all village because they give help to the prince, Callum and his colleague shows up and stop them and help prince out.

One of Templar following the prince, but Callum following them to help. He try to help prince out before the car crash down the cliff.

Callum’s body is impact from felling, but Sophia stop him from continue. She is sure that Callum is direct ascendant from Aguilar.

Sophia’s father is working for the Elder to continue his project, Abstergo. To find the Apple of Eden, to do that they have to find the protector. Which they are the closer from that.

Callum wakes up and found he is locked up, Sophia explains him what is the machine. He try to get the explanation from her.

She tells him about Aguilar, his ancestor. How she found him and what the propose of her project. She tells him that their mothers is killed by the assassin. She tells him about Apple of Eden too.

Callum meets someone he tells him that if he tells them where is the Apple, they will suffer for eternity.

After that they put him in the machine again, he is back to Aguilar. They are captured in prison, Templar are going to execute him by burn.

But Aguilar escapes from chain and break out, the Templar are after them. But they manage to escape, but Callum wakes up in coma.

After he is cured, Sophia’s father shows Callum where is his father. He tells him what happen to his mother, he tells him how important of the Apple.

Then member of the Creed try to kill Callum, but they are failed. Callum tells the guard to put him in the machine, he back to the past.

There Aguilar see that the sultan is going to surrender the apple to Templar to exchange with prince. Aguilar and his colleague get in and get the Apple. His colleague is killed by Templar, he gets the apple but he is surrounded by Templar.

He decided to jump down the cliff, he end up in the ship. He gives the Apple to Christopher Columbus.

After that the other Assassin shows up and break out, Sophia’s father decides to purge and destroy the facility.

Callum see his mother show up, he now knows what he has to do next. They decide to fight back. Callum try to stop the helicopter but too late, they are gone too far.

Sophia’s father goes to where they bury Columbus and found the Apple, they are going to have announcement at Templar temple.

Assassins gathering in the temple too, Sophia spots Callum. He tells her to help them to stop her father, but she won’t. Callum killed her father and take the apple.