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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 10


Robb’s army is killed by Frey’s men, Arya see Robb’s body mistreat during the escape with Clegane.

Tywin asks all council the meeting, they get news from Frey that Robb and Catelyn are dead. While Joffrey is happy about news he accidentally insults Tywin.

Tyrion found that Frey has secret agreement with Tywin. He tells him to make a child with Sansa for sake of their family.

Tyrion found that Sansa knows news about Robb and her mother, she is sadly. Brann and Jojen almost at the wall.

Bolton tells Frey about Ramsey and Theon, he found that Winter fell is ruin and Ramsey is taken care of Theon now.

At night Brann wakes up and found that someone coming. He found Sam and Gilly, after he see him and hodor he knows that he is Brann. He asks him to the wall, he tells him that he has to go the wall to stop the night walker.

Ramsey send Theon’s part to his father to tell him to back off from the north, he refused. His sister disagree and want to help him.

Sam tells Brann about dragon glass that it can kill white walker, he shows them how to get across the wall. Sam and Gily will head to Castle rock.

Davos try to comfort Gendry, he tells him that he also born in low place. He tells him how his son die.

Varys try to help Shae by give her some diamond so she can have better live, he thinks she is complication for Tyrion to make good things for realm.

Cersei try to convinces Tyrion to make a baby with Sansa for her sake, she tells him having a child will bring happy to her.

During the way escape, Arya heard Frey’s men talk bad to her family. She goes down to kill them.

Ygritte following Snow and try to kill him for what he did, she shots him several times before he escapes.

Sam and Gily back to the wall, he tells what he saw to Maester. He tells Sam and send news to all kings.

Melisandre convinces Stannis that just drop of blood from Gendry can make Robb’s dead. So he planned to burn Gendry to get his kingdom, at night Devos sneaks him out of the prison.

Snow escapes back to the wall, he meets Sam and Pyp there safety. Jaime and Brinne arrives at king’s landing, he goes to see Cersei first.

Davos accepts that he release Gendry, he tells Stannis that he will need him more than ever. He shows him the message from the north about night walker, she tells him that the truth war is coming.

Daenerys is waiting the slaves from Yunkai after she free them, they decides to following her. They call her Mhysa.