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Passengers (2016)

Avalon is the star ship, she travels into the space to find new world. They are more than 5000 lives in there, during travel she face with the asteroid. Because of that some of pods are broken and make Jim wake up.

After brief from computer, he has to stays until land down for 4 months. But after wander around the ship he found no one except him. But then after discover that he wakes up to soon, he will land in another 60 years.

He try to fix his pod himself but it’s not work, he meets Arthur the android bartender, he become his only friend.

After a while he almost try to kill himself too but he changes his mind, one day he meets Aurora’s pod. He fells in love with her, he decides to wake her up.

After Aurora wakes up, they met together and he tells her the bad new. She try to go back to her pod but he tells her that it’s not possible.

The ship has some damage from last impact, Aurora doesn’t want to give up like Jim. After she tried everything she decides to do something else.

They start to talk together, shared their vision and thought. They spent time together on every activities, they start to date.

They spent times together as couple, one day Arthur tells Aurora that he is the one who waking her up. She is so angry at him.

He try to apologize her and make her back but she won’t, one day Jim starts to notices the glitch of system. Computer system starts to malfunction, lift doesn’t work and kitchen.

One day captain is wake up, they tell him what happen. He starts to check the failure on ship, he asks them to check what happen.

At night during Aurora goes to swim, the ship lost the gravity control. She almost drown, but system is back on time.

After wake captain, he found that the problem they have might sink the ship. They found that captain is very sick and can live for few hours.

Before he die he tells them to fix the ship, he gives them his id so they can fix it. After he died, ship starts to malfunction. They decide to fix the ship themselves, they check each function.

They found the power section is lock down, they found one of the room is damage by the meteor. They found the problem, reactor control computer is hit.

Jim start to replace the machine’s part, but it’s not work. He has to do it manually by suit himself and enter from outside. Jim almost sacrifices himself to fixed the problem.

He is blown up during the fixing, Aurora success get him back. But she is too late, he lost his oxygen ins his suit. She revives him back in medical bay.

Jim found that with medical bay, she can go back to hibernate. But only she can, once she wakes up he will goes to see her. But she refuse.

After that 60 years, all crew wake up and found that their ship has changed a lot.