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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8

Second Sons

Arya wakes up and try to kill Clegane with rock but she failed, he tells her that he used to save her sister from mob. She thinks that he will take her to Joffrey but he tells her that he will takes her to her family.

Jorah found out who is helping Yunkai, second sons. They are army that they paid for their help. She meets with Mero, their leader and try to recruit them.

Stannis’s witch takes Gendry to see Stannis, he is not excite. She tells him not to tortured him, his flavor will light. Stannis tells Davos about sacrifice Gendry, he also against it. He free him out as long as he will never against his witch again.

Mero plans to kill Daenerys at night, so they don’t have to go against her army and her knights.

Tyrion try to comfort Sansa but he failed it, he tells her that he will never hurt her. Margaery try to friend with Cersei, but Cersei threatens her instead.

At the wedding, Joffery takes Sansa to Tyrion. He said as her father is gone it’s his duty as father of realm. Joffrey make funny on him when he has chance.

Melisandre seduces Gendry and use him to sacrifice to her god, before done Stannis and Davos show up to look at the last of rural. They make curse on Robb, Joffrey and Greyjoy.

In the Tyrion’s wedding, he is sober while Joffrey following Sansa to her room. He try to embarrassing her, he threaten her that he will bring her down. Tyrion is upset at him and threaten him.

He fakes his drunk and rescue her from him. After that when they are in same room, he tells him he will not sleep with her until she agreed.

Mero’s men,Daario disguise as one of Unsullied and get closed to Daenerys. But he didn’t kill her, he tells her that he kill his captain and give her his heads. He said that they try to force him to kill her but he refuses so they fight and he kill them. He swears to serve her.

Sam and Craster’s daughter rest at the abandon house, at night the flock of crow surround them. Then they see someone approach, she tells him that it comes from baby. Sam killed it with dragon blade knife.