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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

During WWW II, american soldiers sacrifice their life in it. Desmond is one of soldier who injured in the war.

As child Desmond and Hal are brother, they was Des’s kids. One day during fight Desmond hit Hal with the brick, he almost kills his brother. He realizes that he almost commit the worst sin.

After when Desmond grows up, one day he safes a man’s life from accident. When he is at hospital, he meets Dorothy while he stuns with her beauty. He gives her his blood, after that he starts to goes to see her.

One day his brother, Hal decides to join the army. Everyone in family doesn’t agree with his decision, after that a while Desmond decides to enlist too as medic.

He decides to be medic to save people not to kill anyone, after enlist he meets his comrades and his sergeant.

They day he is assigned his weapon, he refuses to take it. He tells his sergeant that he won’t carried the weapon. Everyone is his unit dislike his opinion, he is bullied by his comrades. They think that he is crazy.

His commander try to get him out but he is not submitted. They try to get him out but he won’t, they try to forces him to but he won’t give up.

On the day he finish his due, they refuse to let him pass because he refuses to hold the weapon. He missed his wedding, and sentences in military prison for not obey command.

Dorothy try to convinces him to give up but he won’t, she thinks that he might be prideful. He makes she understand and support him instead.

Desmond’s father goes to see Desmond’s commander to help his son, Desmond is summons to the military court. They accuse him for disobey order, he fight that he wants to server but as medic to saving life.

While they are going to judge him, his father shows up with his letter from his Commander. His case is resolve and he is assigned as medic as he wants.

Desmond is sent to the war without single weapon as medic, they found the unit that they are replaced. Their unit is not left much, their target is to get to Hacksaw Ridge.

After battleship bombard the top of Ridge, his unit start to climb up and sweep the area. They are ambush by enemy, Desmond starts to do his work.

Desmond starts to carried the wound to safety, he risks his life to help his comrades out of the field. After they get the area that night, next day the enemy backup shows up and attack them from underground.

They can’t fight them so they decide to call strike, Desmond keeps carry his comrades back. They are push back from the ridge, after Desmond see his friend die one by one. While everyone fall back because the strike, he heard voice to asking for help.

He run back to there and get all survivors back from ridge, but while he is doing it army call off the attack. He lost his cover, the enemy keep scan the area and notice him.

He hidden in enemy’s tunnel, but more enemy reinforcement are more coming. While he is in tunnel, he see enemy injury and decide to help him.

After wait until night, he could get the rest of them down back the ridge. He do it again and again until he run off his energy.

Until morning, he found his Sergeant and one of his comrade. He takes both of them back to safety. He gets help from his comrade after enemy tail on him.

His commander tells him that he needs him to be there on the ridge again, because all of his comrades believe in him. With Desmond there, they goes back on that ridge again.

Finally the enemy give up and surrender, but they try to trick them by suicide bomb. Desmond help them from the bomb and get injured, they get Hacksaw ridge.

He is safe and back to home.