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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Snow leads Mance’s men to Castle Black, they plan to take the castle too. While Robb stills waiting for Frey wedding so he can get his army and take Castle black.

Robb found that Telisa is pregnant, he is very happy. She asks him to back Volantis with her one day.

Sansa always want to leave Winterfell and come to King’s landing to see their knight and city, but now she regret that she ever leave her kingdom.

Margaery comforts Sansa about her marriage with Tyrion, he actually not bad to her but he still Lannister.

Joffrey asks Tywin to see him about his small meeting, he complains that Tywin use his room for meeting. But finally he gives up and ask him about Daenerys and her dragons.

Daenerys and her army arrive at yellow city, Yunkai. Jorah and Barristan give her different advise, but she wants to know that how many slave inside that she can free.

Embassy from Yunkai comes to see Daenerys, he is threaten by her army. he try to negotiate with her not to war with them. He offered her the ships, but she wants him to release all slaves in his city. He refuses, he tells her that they have a powerful friend.

Shae is upset with Tyrion after knows about his wedding and Sansa, he offers her some house but she refuses.

Stannis’s witch tells Gendry that he is Robert’s son, she tells her that his blood is powerful. Arya upsets with Beric after he gives up Gendry, he tells her that if god command he will obey.

Thoros and Beric are plan to attack Lannister’s group instead of takes her to south, Arya is upset and run out from them. She is captured by Clegane when she gets out.

Jaime promises to Brienne that he will keep his deal with Catelyn, he will return her daughters to her.

Karstark sent women to seduce Theon, then after that they cut his out. He begs for his mercy but he doesn’t care.

Snow tells Ygritte that her attack will failed, there are attempt several times in past and never win. He worry about her.

Bran tells Osha that he will not go to Castle rock, he thinks since he fells from tower. He always see 3 eyes raven.

Jaime found out that Brienne might be in danger, he decides to go back to help her. But he is too late, he sees her fighting with bear. He risks his life and go down to fight with bear. He rescues her out of the pit. He tells them he will takes her with him.