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Trolls (2016)

The Trolls live in the wood, they like to hug, dance and sing. But one day Bergen show up, they start eat the Troll because it make them feel happy. They start to eat them on day called, Trollstice.

Today is Trollstice, Gristle wakes his father the king. So he can eat the Troll from Troll’s tree, so he can feel happy. But they found that all Trolls escape, they chasing them up.

King peppy almost sacrifice himself and lead everyone to safety, then they left Bergen’s country for good. Chef who responsible for prepare them are exile from land.

The Trolls create new place to live, after that 20 years later princess poppy teach her student about happiness and Bergen.

Branch is one of the Troll, he always worry about the Bergen. He try to warn the other that if they make too loud, Bergen will find them.

But nobody listens him, he leaves their party alone. Then what Branch try to warn is happen, but there is Bergen, Chef nearby and she found their location.

She starts to grab Trolls, Poppy rescues her father before he is grabbed. Poppy’s father leads the left to leave the place.

Poppy decides to help them, she goes to get help from Branch. But he refused and want to stay in his bunker. Poppy tricks him by tell other to his bunker to stay safe, he has no choice but go with her before his bunker ruined.

Alone Poppy can’t go that far, she trapped in giant’s spider web. Branch shows up and rescue her from them.

Branch tells her the plan, first they will go through tunnel that lead to Troll tree. Then they will find their friends and get them out before Bergen notice them.

They meet cloud at the tunnel entrance, he helps them reach Troll tree. They see unhappy Bergen, they think their friends still safe.

Chef goes to see king Gristle about troll she found, she gets her position back. She is going to make Trolls’s food and make herself queen.

Poppy and Branch success sneak in castle, they found their friends. They see that Gristle eat one of their friend, Creek.

After see that Poppy decides to help their friends, they following Chef’s maid, Bridget to storage. Then Poppy found that Bridget is in love with Gristle but she never told him. After sad and cry she fell asleep, they release their friends out.

Then they make noise and make Bridget wakes up. She try to get them back, but Poppy convinces her that she can help her to success in her love with king.

Her plans will use Bridget to get near the king and they can help Creek out. They help her and make her more beauty before goes to see the king.

Bridget and Trolls go to see the king, they go out for date. They are happy, Poppy and them found that Creek still alive, king keeps him in his locket. He invites her to the Trollstice’s party. She is so happy, but Chef shows up and break the dates.

Bridget scares and run out, Poppy and them tell her that they don’t need them anymore. But Bridget won’t believe and sad, they try to get back Creek. Instead they make themselves captured.

They found out that Creek is not eaten because he makes deal with Bergen to let him goes then he will tell them about where is others. He use Poppy’s bell to lure the other out, they are all captured.

Poppy feels sad and responsible for this, she is miserable and make the other feel the same. Branch starts to sing and make Poppy and them happy again.

After that Bridget lets them escape, Poppy decides to go back and help Bridget and other Trolls. While other Bergen found out that Bridget make Troll missing, they are mad and going attack Bridget.

Poppy and other shows up and stop them, Poppy try to convinces them to be happy without eat Trolls. They start to teach them dance and sing, all of them start to know how to happy. Chef and Creek are exile out of the kingdom.