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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6

The Climb

Sam taking one of Craster’s wife and her son back to the wall, he tells her about Castle rock and his men.

Jojen just has his vision, he tells Bran that he saw Snow and he is with the enemy at different side of the wall.

Snow and Mance’s men are the bottom of the wall, they are preparing to climb the wall up. Ygritte tells him that she knows that he still crows, she is his and she won’t tell anyone.

Stannis’s witch shows up at Thoros’s group, she wants to see Beric. She found what he is, she knows about his revive. Thoros tells her how he revive him the first time.

She tells them that they wants Gendry, she paid gold for him. Arya is upset about that witch tells him that he will make king rise and down.

Theon is tortured by Karstark’s prince, he knows that his brother is killed by Jaime. He is tortured because they are Robb’s banner man and he is the one who attack Start’s prince.

Robb try to negotiate with Frey to have his army, he has to apologize him for not marry his daughter and he wants his daughter to marry one of his uncle.

Bolton decides to return Jaime to Tywin to get the gold instead return him to Robb, but he must not tell what his soldier fault to his father.

Tywin try to convince Olenna about Cersei and Lorsa marriage but she won’t agree with him. She knows about what Jaime and Cersei too, he threaten her to make Lorsa as king guard. So he won’t be able to marriage instead, that make her has no choice.

Sansa and Loras stills don’t know what happen, they feels happy for their marriage that will happen. Tyrion found out that Joffrey is the one who order his kingguard to kill him during blackwater war. Tyrion goes to tell Sansa about their marriage, while Shae also there.

Baelish tells Varys that he knows what he did, he thinks the chaos is the ladder for the climb.

Snow and Mance’s men climb up to the top of wall and see the green land.