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Underworld Blood Wars (2016)

After Selene hide Eve, her daughter from the world so nobody find her. Tonight she is chased by both vampire and lycan for her daughter.

David shows up and warn her about Marius, new lycan leader. She tells one of his men that she doesn’t know where is her daughter but they won’t believe.

While Semira also the new leader for vampire, she also wants Selene to trains her new warrior. She try to convinces the council to agree to get her help.

Vampires shows up to Selene, they tell her that council want her to see council. She agree to see them.

They tell her that they need her to train new warrior for them, but she is tricked. Semira try to get her blood, she frame her that she kill her students. David and his father try to help her out.

But his father is killed when he try to help her out, David takes her out the coven. Semira notices that they can walk among sun.

Marius has vampires who tells him where Selene is head, both Lycan and vampires are coming for them.

Selene and David is there and found last coven there. They found that David is son of Emelia, he is upset because she dump he when he was child.

Lycan’s army shows up and attack them, Marius beat up Selene. She escapes in the ice and make them understand she died. After Marius found that she doesn’t know where is her daughter, he decides to attack last vampire coven.

David decides to back and help his people, Semira try to overpower the council but after David shows up and tell them he is Emila’s son. She is captured, but she get out.

During the Lycan’s attack, they are almost wipe out until Selene shows up. She lures Marius to the cage and she killed him, she found that he is the one who kill Michael.

After Marius die, David tells the Lycan to retreat.