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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5

Kissed by Fire

Thoros and Beric’s group warship lord of light, Beric use fire sword to fight with Clegane for judge him. But finally Beric is defeated by Clegane, he stills alive. They have no choice but let him go.

Mance’s men tests Snow that he is loyal to them or not, he passed the test by tells them about the wall guard. But Ygritte trusts him enough to sleep with him.

The Flayed Man delivery Jaime to Bolton, he tells him about Stannis’s war result. He is relieved, he is sent to take care of his hand injured.

Everyone in capital now concerns about Joffrey and Margaery wedding. Cersei try to get Baelish to help her stop it while Tyrion try to help them.

Gendry decides to stay with Beric, Arya try to convinces him to go to Robb with her. But he preferred to stay there.

2 Lannister children are killed by Robb’s men, he wants to revenge his son that died because of Jaime. He has no choice but punish them, his men and Catelyn try to convince him that if he killed them. He will lost his men, Robb stills kill him.

Beric and Thoros shows Arya how he revives back several times, they told her that because lord of light let him. She asks if they can get her father back.

Stannis believes his witch and go to ask his wife to sacrifice his daughter to god of fire. She tells her that his witch tell her everything.

Jaime and Brienne finally make a truce, he tells her about moment that he killed the mad king. She asks why he didn’t tell anyone about this truth, he said no body will believe him.

Daenerys tells her army to be free, but they still want their name because it’s the name that she free them.

Robb is upset after half of his army lost, he thinks to get Castle Rock the Lannister’s home instead. But he needs the army from Frey, one he should married.

Baelish found out about Margaery’s plan, he try to stop her by sent a man to seduce Loras. Sansa tells him they should wait when he asks her to leave with him.

Tywin and Cersei also knows about Margaery’s plan, they want to stop them by marry Tyrion to Sansa instead. He also ask Cersei to marry Loras, both of them refuse but Tywin doesn’t care.