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Bridget Jones Baby (2016)

Today is Bridget’s birthday, her mother wakes her up with birthday call. After that she goes to Daniel’s funeral, Mark and his wife also shows up.

After she goes to her work, her colleague gives her birthday surprise. She is producer of TV Channel, which she just has new management team.

At night she is dump by her gang for her party, so finally she become alone in her birthday again.

Next day she and Miranda her friend, they go to visit the festival. Bridget again clumsy and fell in the mud, she meet Jack.

At night when she is drunk and lost her friend, she goes in wrong tent and meet Jack again, she decides to stay with him at night.

Next day after she back, she goes to church with Mark as godparents. They are feel weird to see each other again, he tells her that he is getting divorce and that night they end up to stay together at night.

Next few days Bridget found that she is pregnant but she has no idea that who is the father. She goes to see doctor about it, she asks her to bring the father.

Later day Bridget notices that Jack is billionaire, she uses her work to bring Jack to her work. But Jack found her, she tells her about her pregnant, he is confusing before she retreat away.

Next day she goes to see Mark and tell him about her pregnant, he is quite happy to hear about it. So didn’t tell him that it’s possible he is not the father.

At night Jack goes to see Bridget, then he makes her fell in love with him. Next few days Bridget takes both of them to see doctor.

Next day Bridget while is on the presentation. Mark and Jack are met, she has dinner with both of them. She told them exactly what happen.

Mark is in shock while Jack can handle it well, but later that they have the class for pregnant mother. They try to win her back, but Mark is always busy.

After that Mark wants her to move to stay with him, but she tells him that she is in love with Mark. He tells her that he make Mark thinks that her baby is belong to him, she goes to see him but she found Mark and his ex-wife.

She decides to work on it alone without them, after that she is fired because she do wrong in work. That night because of her clumsy she is in trouble.

Mark shows up and found her sit outside alone and wet on street, he helps her in. Then her water is broke out, he gets her and try to help to the hospital.

Jack shows up and both of them carry her to hospital, she is in pain. Both of them are with her, but finally Bridget choose Mark.

Finally she gets her baby out, doctor start to run test on them to see who is father. One year later that Bridget get marriage with Mark.