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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4

And Now His Watch Is Ended

Jaime is mistreated by The Flayed Man during the way back to north, he try to fight but finally give up. But Brienne reminds him and makes him fight again.

Varys tells Tyrion about his past and his revenge, he shows him how he revenge his enemy and tell him if he patient enough he will get his.

Jojen and Bran have another dream about 3 eyes crow, he try to following it but he is stopped by Catelyn before wake up.

Margaery asks Joffrey to do anything and he following her blindly. Cersei is very upset about that.

Theon confess that he didn’t find Bran and Rickon, who he ordered to burn is pleasant. He did that to please his father and keep Winterfell. After that he found that he is tricked and taken back to his prison.

Cersei tells Tywing about Margaery, she wants him to get rid of her but he disappoint that she can’t manipulate him well.

Varys tells Olenna about Baelish’s plan, if Robb fell and he gets hand on Sansa. He will gets army from the north to help him. Margaery goes to talk to Sansa, she asks her to marry Loras so she can escape from King’s landing.

Mormont gets funeral for his men, he said to them and now his watch is ended. His men decide to taken Craster as they are hungry and cold.

They also kill Mormont while he try to stop them. Sam get chance and taken one of Craster’s wife with son escape.

Thoros takes Arya and Clegane to Beric’s hideout, while they judging him for his crime. Arya tells them about what he did to her friend.

Instead Daenerys give them dragon, he ordered it and her new Unsullied army to kill all of them in city except children. After that she free all of them, asks them to leave if they want. But all of them agree to following her.