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Rings (2017)

On plane, a man tell his next seat on plane that he get the strange video from his friend. After he watched it, he received call from girl said that he will die in 7 days then something strange happen after that.

That man freaks out and go to toilet, after a woman next him hear about his story she goes to ask him about it. She tells him that she also watch it, After that his plane is going down. Before crash, he saws a woman in white come out from the video.

While Skye is at market, she notices a old VCR player. A man, Grabriel tells her it’s old stuff from a family who her son died in plane crash. After he backs home with it, he found the old video inside it. He play it, after that he gets the call from girl said “7 days”. He started to see strange thing around him.

Julia’s boyfriend, Holt is leaving for college, they promise each other to contact each other every day. But one day he is missing and she can’t contact him anymore, one night she gets strange call from unknown woman, she tells her that he will dying and she is coming after him.

That night Julia drives all the way to see Holt at his college, there she didn’t find him but she found his phone at his room.

Julia enters one of Holt’s class, she meets his professor Gabriel. He claims that he doesn’t know him, but she thinks Holt is doing something for him.

She following him to his office, she found Gabriel discuss unknown woman, Skye about Holt. She following her to her apartment, she try to force her to watch video. She found her message with Holt, she knows that she lied to her. She gets way and escape from her before watch it.

She locked her in her room while video play it, after scream done she found Skye dead. She see a woman in white before she disappear. Holt shows up and ask her if she see the video.

But that night after Holt sleep, Julia play that video. She receive the call from girl, Holt takes her to see Gabriel. She starts to see strange thing.

Gabriel tells them that to survive she has to make someone watch its copy instead. They found that her copy video is bigger, Holt and Julia decides to look video together. She tells them what she saw.

From her clues, they found that all images in video are from that woman’s history. Holt and Julia decide to following that woman history, they arrives there and found the old hotel.

Julia found woman’s picture in hotel, she saw her on the way there. Owner tells her that she is Everlyn and she is missing 30 years ago.

They ask town people about the church, it has been closed for 13 years. Julia thinks that they might be able found her grave in cemetery.

She found her grave but they found that’s empty, she crawl inside to see and found her name engrave on wall. She saw something inside, she is dragged into the well but Holt help her out.

They meet blind man, she tells him what she saw inside. He tells her about Samara, he tells them to careful about her.

On the way Julia see Everlyn, she is following her and found Gabriel ‘s car has accident instead. She try to help him but he is killed.

Holt goes to ask hotel’s owner about Everlyn and Samara, Julia notices something at church. She goes alone there to check at the bell.

She found hidden floor, it leads to hidden passage. She found the room where the priest keep Everlyn. She found that she pregnant while she is locked, she is Samara’s mother.

Holt and Julia found that a blind main is the priest, she goes to see him. She tells him about the locked room, he tells her that he blind himself. She found that priest is Samara’s father, he try to killed her.

Julia is attacked by him, he tells her he will stop her from free her. Julia get chances and put her down the stairs, she found secret door where he kept her remains.

Priest knocks down Holt and Julia, when he try to kill her. Samara shows up and make priest see again and killed him.

Holt and Julia burns her remains, after that Holt get voice mail from Gabriel. He tells him about mark on Julia’s hand. He tells him that Samara try to get back to live.

After that Holt’s computer is sending her video to all his friends and spread it.