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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3

Walk of Punishment

After Robb is in one of his men funeral, he is upset to one of his man. Instead of do as his plan, he does his own way and make them miss opportunity to kill more Lannister instead they captured 2 Lannister’s children.

As hand of king, Tywin makes the meeting with all the lord, queen and Tyrion. Tywin knows that Jaime escapes but they have no news about him. He sends Baelish to make a deal with his old friend and appoint Tyrion as master of coin stead of Baelish.

Brienne and Jaime are captured and sending back to Robb, he warned her that she should not resist them otherwise they will kill her.

At night while she is raped, Jaime convinces them to let her go exchanges of wealth. While Jaime try to say him off he failed and he has his hand cut.

Thoros makes Arya and friends stay with him, he said it’s safer for them. The other still looking for her.

Mance found several horse’s heads where his man found dead crows, they found no men there they are wonder why. He plans to attack the wall.

Mormont and his men back to Craster’s place, Sam heard woman scream. He found a woman is giving birth, she makes a boy.

With help from his man, Theon is escape back to his sister. But during the way he is chased down and almost get caught.

Stannis’s witch refuses Stannis when he wants to make baby with her again, but she tells him that he can sacrifice another king blood.

While Daenerys pass the walk of punishment, she feel sorry for what they get. Jorah tells her that Unsullied will suit her demand because they do what she said, but Barristan tells her it’s better with man and heart.

She agreed to buy all of Unsullied, but she has not enough. She decides to give 1 of her dragon to them exchange with all Missandei and the army.

After check the account that Baelish did, Tyrion found that their kingdom lend a lot money from Iron Bank of Braavos, they will get their gold back some way.