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Doctor Strange (2016)

Kaecilius and his men barges in Kamar-Taj and stolen book of time, Ancient one try to stop him but they run out to the city. She follows them but Kaecilius escapes.

Doctor Strange is surgery doctor, he and Dr. Palmer just work together to help one of their patient. He is very great doctor, he always has a successful surgery. One night during the way to party he get car accident.

He is sent to hospital and when he wakes up he found that his hand is damage, he can’t be surgery doctor anymore.

He try to find way to fixed his hand but none of them work, his hand never be same again. He lost everything he has include Palmer.

One day he heard about a man that after bad injury he become normal, he goes to see him to ask how he did. He was one the patient that he refused to cure him, because he think that he can’t fix him.

He tells him about holy man on mountain, Kamar-Taj. Strange following the trail from Nepal to there, but he is robbed. But he gets help from someone from Kamar-Taj, Mordo.

He takes him to Kamar-Taj, he meets Ancient one. She knows everything about him, she explains him how to heal that man.

She tells him about spirit that can heal body, he doesn’t believe. She knocks his spirit out of his body, she opens his eye. She shows him secret about universe, darkness. He wants her to teach him more, but she refused.

Mordo thinks that Ancient one thinks that Strange likes Kaecilius, one of her student that she lost to darkness. He convinces her to accept him and teach him.

She starts to teach him what he needs to know, how to cast spell and magic. He starts to study, he starts to read books. Wong the librarian allow him to read more books ior master.

He found about Kaecilius, who stolen book of time before. Kaecilius use spells from the book of magic, he see the darkness.

Strange’s study but he is not going any where. He thinks because of his hand, Ancient one shows him one of her student who can do without his hand.

She takes him to Everest and left him there, he has to use his power and come back within 2 minutes before he dead. After wait a while Strange back.

Strange starts to steal books from Wong and starts to study on his own, Ancient one tells him to use mirror dimension. So he can train without make problem to real world, she tells him that if he do it not good way he will goes to dark.

Strange trains with Mordo, he tells him that he may need that one day. One night Strange goes to library and start to study the book of time, he wants to know that Kaecilius try to do.

He try the spell from book of time, he uses spell to recover the torn pages. He try other spells and almost get himself killed. Mordo and Wong stop him on time.

They explain him that their duty is to protected magic world, They tell him about Dark dimension evader, Dormammu.

Then there is explosion, London’s place is destroyed by Kaecilius. After attack Strange found that he is at London, but he found no one.

Strange actually goes back into time before London’s place is destroyed, he see the fight of Kaecilius. He try to stop him but too late, Kaecilius killed the master there and fight with him.

Kaecilius is too powerful, Strange try to escape from him. During the way he is saved by magic cape, it helps him to captured Kaecilius.

He try to convinces Strange to help Dormammu to this world, but he won’t. While he careless, one of Kaecilius’s man attack him. Cape helps him escape out, before he’s dead. He goes back to Palmer and get her help.

But Kaecilius’s man following him with astral body, with help from Palmer Strange destroy him. He tells her about Kamar-Taj, after he is fixed he goes back to London.

He found that Kaecilius escape, after that Ancient one and Mordo shows up. She appoints him to be master of Newyork.

Strange tells Ancient one that he knows that how she stays alive immortal because she also draw power from dark dimension. She doesn’t answer, Mordo and Strange found that Kaecilius back.

Strange cast mirror dimension to trap them, but Mordo tells him that as they connected to dark dimension they can’t affect real world but they can kill them.

They run for their life, before Kaecilius get Strange. Ancient one shows up, Mordo found that Ancient one really draw power from dark dimension.

She try to convinces him but failed, Kaecilius gets chance and kill Ancient one. She fells down to real world, Strange and Mordo gets him to Palmer.

He found that Ancient one doesn’t want to life, after suggest him more thing she disappear. Strange decides to help Mordo protect the world.

Kaecilius goes to Hongkong to destroy next protection, Wong is there to protected it. Strange try to convince Mordo to help him defeat Kaecilius.

But they are too late, Hongkong is fallen. Strange reverse the time to before it’s fallen, but Kaecilius try to stop his spell.

With hint from Kaecilius, Strange thinks of something. He gets into dark dimension, and face Dormammu. He traps him in endless loop time, he is killed several times.

They stuck there until Dormammu gives up and make bargain with him, he tells him to call back Kaecilius and his men and never attack earth again.

Strange put back everything as it was, Mordo disagree with Strange’s method. He decides to separate from them.