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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2

Dark Wings, Dark Words

Bran dreams that he is running into the wood alone and see 3 eyes crow, he try to shoot it down but he missed. Jojen tells him that he is that crow.

Robb gets news from Winterfell, he tells what happen to Catelyn. She is worry about her sons, while Theon is captured and tortured by someone.

Brienne escorts Jaime to King’s landing, on the way he keeps insults her and her king. He try to make her kill pleasant to keep their secret but she won’t.

Sansa accepts Margaery’s invite to her grandmother’s party, she is funny and talkative and do like her. She wants to ask her about Joffrey, she tells them everything she should not.

One of Robb’s general tells him he is losing the war since he marry Talisa, while Talisa try hard to please Catelyn. She tells her about Snow childhood, how she mistreat him.

Mance’s men moving down to south, he tells snow that he manages to gathering giant, caveman and the other by make sure that they will survived if they are together.

While Bran is in the wood, he see Jojen coming but his wolf, summer allow them to come near him. He is his sister Meera are looking for him. They travel with him, he found that he is his father’s friend son.

Arya and his friends meet bandit groups in the wood, Thoros. He invites her to his group for shelter. They feed them before let them go, before leave they found Clegane. He remember Arya immediately.

Shae tells Tyrion what happen about Baelish and Sansa, she asks him to protect her but he said he could not.

Margaery is clever and knows how to seduce the king, she makes him like her so much and fell for her.

Jaime gets chance and escape from Brienne, they fight while she try hard not to hurt him. Then they are captured by North alliance, Bolton.