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A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

After a small dog growth up with his family, while they are play outside the street he is catch by dog catcher and get killed.

He wakes up again and found that he becomes puppy again, he is now in dog breeder’s house, after he growth up a bit he has chance and escape from the house when customer comes to see him.

He is catch by some men but they almost left him died in their car. But Ethan and his mother found him and take him home.

After that they give him to Ethan as his dog and name him Bailey, he is very happy dog. One day they take him to their family’s farm, he is more happy there.

Then when Ethan goes to school, he started to be alone. He messes up the house, when his father come back home he is very upset. Then Bailey accidentally swallow his father’s precious coin. He managed to have Bailey get it out on time.

When Ethan growth up, he becomes quarterback in football team. At summer when they go to some fair and Ethan meets Hannah there, they start to hang out together. My father become drunker and he lefts their home.

After game, Ethan win scholarship for college. But that night he has fight with his friend, he try to get him back and accident set fire on his house. Bailey found it and warn them to get out on time. But that night Ethan breaks his leg and lost his scholarship.

After that they move to their grandfather’s house, Ethan break up with Hannah because of his injured. Ethan decides to study in agriculture school to run his grandfather’s farm.

After Ethan lefts, Bailey starts to sick. They takes him to doctor, Bailey is dying. Ethan comes to see him before die.

Bailey died and reborn as the police’s dog, he is now Ellie. She is trained to seek and find the illegal items. His boss is lonely, Ellie try to cheer him up.

One day they get the case about kidnapping girl, Ellie use his nose and track down the girl. Ellie and her boss found the kidnapper and girl near the dam, during fight girl fell down the dam.

Ellie jumps down to help her and rescue her safe, but her boss is attacked by kidnapper. Ellie try to help him, but she is shot and get killed.

Ellie is reborn again, as Tino. He is raise by Maya.  She is alone and like to be alone, she always give him something to eat. One day he starts to sick, doctor tells her to take him to exercise.

One day at park, tino meets Al’s dog,roxy and he fells in love with her. After that Al starts to date Maya and then one day they married.

They have babies, and they play with him all time. One day Roxy is gone and never come back. After that tino also die, he reborn again as puppy.

He is raise by a woman, he is chained all times and never be anywhere. After that he is dump by that woman’s boyfriend.

Some how he wandered back to Ethan’s farm and found him, Ethan becomes old man. But he doesn’t recognize him, next day Ethan takes him to animal center. But then next day Ethan takes him back home and name him Buddy.

Buddy feels that Ethan sad, he decides to help him by find Hannah. He found her and she is older, she becomes grandmother. She found that he is Ethan’s dog.

She takes him back to Ethan, they catch up each other.  Later that they married, Buddy try to tells Ethan that he is Bailey. He convinces him that he is.