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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Valar Dohaeris

Sam try to running away from nightwalkers, but while he is attacked by one of it. Mormont shows up with his men and help him out, he tells them to back to the wall.

Snow is taken to Mance’s camps, he is very surprise when see giant there. Ygritte tells Mance that Snow wants to be one of them and Snow also kill halfhand.

Mance asks Snow why he wants to join, he tells him what he saw in wood. He wants to fight with night walker not to be with Mormont who know what Craster did to his baby but do nothing. He agrees to have him.

Cersei goes to visit Tyrion to check how he is, she wants to warn him not to tell anything to their father.

Davos wakes up and found out he is on the island, he manages to get on his pirate. He tells him about Stannis’s witch, Davos wants to stop her.

Robb and Catelyn arrive at castle, they found body that killed by Lannister’s army. They are all upset and want revenge.

Tyrion tells Tywin that he wants Casterly rock as his reward, Tywin tells him he will find something suit him later. And he will never get Casterly rock.

Baelish tells Sansa that he can take her to see her mother when he has chance to get out the city but she has to be ready.

Daenerys finally gets the ship, her dragons growth up and bigger. She wants to have the army so she can take her throne back.

Davos goes back to see Stannis but he is not interested in him at all, he blames him for his command to burned prisoners alive. Stannis’s witch tells him that if she was with Stannis, they will win. He is locked up in cell.

Joffrey and his queen go in to the city, his queen stop at city and go to see children orphan from the war. She gives them food and supply. After that she is critics by the queen but Joffrey protect her and critics his mother.

Daenerys goes to hire Unsullied as her army, but she found that they are brutal and they are merciless. While she is in town, she almost killed by assassin. But she is saved by Robert’s king guard, Barristan. He was her father king guard before.