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Logan (2017)

In 2029, Logan wakes up because hearing someone try to stole his car, he fight hard with them but finally kill some of them and chase them out.

He works as limousine’s driver, while he works for his customer at funeral. A woman try to ask him for help as wolverine, but he refused her for more trouble.

After that while he stops for his drug, Dr. Rices’s man shows up in his limousine. He tells him about Gabriela, the woman he saw earlier. Seem she takes something from him and he thinks she will contact him again.

When Logan backs to his base, actually he works hard to get medicine for Charles. He and Caliban is there to keep Charles safe, he need to get some sedate so he won’t get sick and use his power. Charles tells Logan about new mutants, but Logan doesn’t believe him.

Logan is getting old and sick, he has some plan to end his life too. Tonight after finish job, he goes to see new customer. But he found that who call her is Gabriela, he try to refuse her but he refuse her.

He found that she is injured, she wants him to take them escape from her enemy. She wants her to take her and her daughter, Laura to some place before Friday with big money.

He goes back to his place and get Charles prepare for his leave, but in morning when he goes to pick them up. He found Gabriela is dead and her daughter, Laura is missing. Then when he backs to his place, he found that Rice’s man who follow Gabriela shows up ask him for Laura.

When he is knock down, Laura shows up with Charles and knock down that man. Charles tells him that she is one who he is waiting. Charles tells him that Laura is mutant.

Then Dr. Rice’s men shows up again, Logan takes Charles out and try to escape. But they are surrounded, after knocks Logan down they try to get to Laura but she start to fight and killed them.

After see her fight Logan found that Laura is like Logan, he gets up and help her escapes with them.

Caliban is captured and tortured to help them track down Laura, she is an experiment from the lab. Gabriela help her escape from that lab, from the video they found that she is his daughter.

Dr. Rice’s try to build the solider from children but they don’t want to fight, they plan another plan and build the soulless soldier. They start to kill all experiment children, she helps them escape.

After Logan goes to find new car, when he back at hotel he found that Charles’s power is activate because those men try to get them. Logan try to get them out, he and Laura try to sedate him down. They escape from their hunter.

Dr. Rice shows up and try to convinces Caliban to help him get Laura, they use Logan’s clone to kidnap Laura and kill Charles. Caliban get chances and make distraction, Logan shows up and kill barely his clone.

They escape out, Laura is sad because of Charles’ death. After Logan pass out because of last fighting, he wakes up again and found himself in hospital. Laura try to convince him to take her to North. He try to tell her that place is not exist but she won’t believe. So he decides to let her see.

They arrive there and he found it’s real, he meets several mutant children there. The enemy also found the place, while mutant children also plan to cross the border.

Logan decides not to go with them, at morning all children left but Logan spots the drones. He found that Dr. Rice are coming after them, he gets out to following them. Logan use the drug he gets from children and come after them.

He and Laura help children out, but Logan’s clone is out and attack Logan. He is killed by Laura, but Logan is badly injured and dead.