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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10

Valar Morghulis

Tyrion wakes up and found that he is not death, Maester tells him that he is no longer hand of the king. Joffrey also gives Baelish the castle, he also marry Renly’s widow as the queen instead of Sansa.

Sansa happy that Joffery do that but Baelish tells her that he will never let her go, but he promises that he will help her home.

Brienne and Jaime found North’s men army, they try to trick them off but one of them remember him. She has no choice but kill all of them.

Robb decided to nor marry Frey to cross the bridge, he wants to marry Talisa instead. Catelyn feels disappoint at him. He marry her there soon.

Stannis is upset after he lost a battle, her witch tells him not to give up. She shows his victory inside the fire.

Theons is upset about knows about Stark’s army surround him, yet he stills feel bad about to be Stark’s prisoner. Maester tells him that he is winterfell’s lord, he can run to join nightwatch.

He try to convinces his men to fight with Stark’s army but they knock him down instead and killed maester.

Tyrion found that his face is injured, his men and power are stripped from him. But Shae stills love and loyal to him.

Daenerys and Jorah go to see the warlock to get her dragons back, but he lost her during find the way in.

Arya and her friends out by help of Valar Morghulis, he asks her to go with him to Braavos. He will teach her how to kill, but she wants to see her family first. He gives her a coin and tell her to give to any man from Braavos, she will see him.

Bran and Rickon found Maester injured and their castle is burned. He tells them to go to the wall, Snow will protected them.

Daenerys wander and found several doors, she found that each door lead to different place. One of them go to the king’s land, there she see her son and Drogo alive. But she knows that it’s a illusion, when she back she see her dragons.

Warlock tells her that when dragons born, their magic also born. He wants to chain her there inside, she commands them to burn him alive.

Snow is tricked to kill half hand, he wants to help him out from death. He is free and they will take him to see their king.

Daenerys takes Xaro’s key and open his vault and found nothing, seems he try to tricks her. She put him inside his empty lock. They start to raid the city for buy the ship and army.

Sam is left while the other hear 3 horns, he hide and see the army of nightwalker