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Kong Skull Island (2017)

2 pilots’s plane crash down on unknown land, they keep chase and try to kill each other. Then they spots the big gorilla there before they didn’t see anything anymore.

In 1973, Bill Monarch’s company CEO try to convince Senator Wills about explore skull island. He finally convinces him and get his military escort to there.

At Vietnam, while Colonel Packard is desperate for what he will do after war is end. He gets the call to escort team to the island, he is happy to takes the job.

Bill also Conrad to as his tracker, they want him to guide them and lead them safety on island.

Weaver try to get her favor and wants to following the team to Skull island, she thinks something important is there.

After brief on the island and plan, Conrad and Weaver curious what happen there. Because they found they prepare a lot of weapon there. They will use helicopter from Packard to get over the storm surround the island.

After see the storm some of them against idea to enter it but Bill convinces them to start, helicopters starts to enter the storm and pass through the island.

They start to make their survey but drop the bomb on island, 2 of them are hit by big gorilla. The other spot it and try to attack but their attack is not work, all of them are taken down.

All Packard’s team gathering together and regroup, Packard found out from Bill that he know about this island. He was the only survivor from past attack, he wants to prove that it exist.

He will get back and bring more Calvary here. Conrad and other spot another huge animal on island.

Conrad’s team spots the human’s tribe and they are surrounded, they also meet the other survivor from past. He leads them to the tribe’s village, they learn about the Kong the protector of island.

He tells them that there is worst thing in island, underground lizard and Kong is the one who protect them from it. Kong is the last of kind, if he dead. They big one will come up.

After Conrad tell him about the backup in 3 days at the north, they plan to get there on time but by river. They start to help him fix the boat so they can make it to north.

Chapman is one of Packard’s men, he see that big gorilla hunting down the big octopus. Conrad team travels to Chapman to get more armor, but he is attacked by one of the underground lizard.

Conrad and his team with the boat they built, leave the village to the river. They plan to meet with Packard nearby, he tells them that he wants to go to west to find Chapman. Conrad agrees with him but they must comes back in 24 hours.

They arrive at the Kong’s parent graveyard, they spot the big underground lizard. Conrad found that Chapman is death, Bill is eaten by the lizard. Weaver manages to kill one of lizard.

Packard stills plan to kill Kong, Marrow and other try to stop him but he won’t listen. Conrad convinces him to let the civilian escape with him.

Packard get the weapons and try to lure Kong to him, Conrad decides to save Kong from Packard. He try to convinces Packard not to kill Kong.

Then the bigger lizard is shows up from the lake and take down Kong, Conrad and other try to escape from island.

The big lizard try to come after them, Kong shows up and stop it. While Kong is beaten, Conrad’s men shows up and distract it.

Kong uses the chain from boat savage to success kill it, Conrad leads the other left the island.