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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9


Stannis’s fleet are closing the King’s Landing, Davos worried that they might not be able to break the castle.

Tyrion is worried about Stannis that he might be able to break the wall and kill everyone inside, Cersie asks Maester to bring her some nightshade.

That night Stannis’s fleet arrive, Tyrion gets map of underground tunnel from Varys which is built by Targaryen. It has many escape route out of the city in case of war.

Joffrey will leads his army to fight Stannis, he ordered Sansa to welcome him but she upset him instead. She wishes that he won’t come back.

Stannis’s fleet approach the gate, while King’s Landing fleet has only one and coming to them. Tyrion lights up the wildfire from that ship and burn Stannis entire fleet.

Stannis stills not give up and lead his men to the city, his men is approaching the shore. They fire the arrow to intercept them but they are too many of them they have to fallback.

Cersei notices Shae while they are hiding along with Sansa. But before that one of knight shows up and tell her the situation, she commands him to take king back.

Finally Stannis and his army get in the wall, the blackwater are down. His army storm the gate and break in.

Joffrey decides to go to hide in keep instead of lead the people, their solider’s morale starts to drop. They don’t want to fight anymore, somehow Tyrion convinces soldiers to fight. He leads the soldier and attack them from the back and stop their storm but they are surround with Stannis’s men.

After Cersei heard about the defeat, she flees to her castle and leave the other. Shae tells Sansa to go back to her room and gate the door, she found Kingsguard inside. He tells her that he can take her home. She refused him and thinks that Stannis will not kill her.

Tyrion is injured during fight, then he see Tywin’s army show up and stop them. Cersei almost kill herself and her child before she see her father.