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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Newt just arrives to port at New york with his briefcase, while detective questions the witness about what happen at crime scene. Something destroy whole building down Mr. Graves shows up there, while they are checking something coming up from the ground and straight to underground.

While Newt is at front of the bank, Jacob bumps into him before get in bank. Then Newt notices that it escapes out.

He follows it to the bank and found see Jacob too, then he notices Nifler on the floor collecting coin. After he lefts, Jacob found that he lefts an egg. He picks it up with him during the questions for his loan.

Newt found that it is in the vault, he try following it but Jacob tells him that his egg hatch. Newt pulls him the vault with him and follow it, he found it is collecting more money.

While he captures it, Bank’s manager shows up. Newt has no choice but freeze him, after he catch it. He get both of them out of the vault before few guards shows up. After that Jacob knocks him and escape.

Outside he meets american’s witch, Macusa Tina. She try to warns him to not show himself to Muggle. Then she brings him to Witch’s command in New York, there he meets Mr. Graves.

While they are going to inspect his briefcase, they found that he switches the briefcase with Jacob, after Jacob arrives his house. 2 creatures gets outside and start to attack him.

Tina and Newt have to find them, after they notice the chaos on street. They found out that it happens at Jacob’s place. Newt gets in his house and fix this house and erase some witness’s memory.

There he catches Murtlap, he found that Murtlap bites Jacob at his neck. But when he try to erase his memory, Tina stop him. They take him back to her place for break

Seem Nifler stills hiding in his room, while the other creator running around on street. One of them hiding in the attic.

.. and Langdon try to convinces Mr. Shaw about witchcraft, but he doesn’t believe. He chased them out.

Tina takes both of them to her house and meet her sister, they give them dinner. Jacob is very impress what he see.

Tonight Mr. Graves meets Credence at the alley, he wants him to gives him some information about child.

After dinner, Newt takes Jacob to his hidden room in his briefcase. He gives him the antidote. Then he shows him several of his creatures, Paracelsus, Graphorns, Pickett, Occamy, Obscurus, …

Newt notices that something missing, he gets some idea where is it from Jacob. He agrees to help Newt to find his creatures. On the way the found his Nifler in jewelry’s shop.

They go to central park, they found the damage that one of his did, Erumpent. He lures it with its musk but Jacob accidentally lure him. Jacob run for his life, Newt following up and rescue him.

Then while Shaw has the talk session at party something invisible show up and kill him, they think it’s witch.

Then Tina shows up in wizard’s command tell them about that Newt arrived at New york yesterday and some of his beast escape.

They think that one of his kill Shaw, then she shows them Newt and Jacob from his briefcase. They arrest him and take his briefcase, after he tells them that he thinks Shaw is killed by Obscurus.

After investigate, Mr. Graves decides to kill both of them because of they found Obscurus found in his briefcase.

Tina’s sister shows up and help Jacob out, while they are taking him to erase his memory. He tells her about Newt’s briefcase then they break in Graves’s office and take briefcase out.

Newt and his creatures Swooping evil,  help Tina breaks out. They run and found Tina’s sister and Jacob. She hides them in briefcase and escape out.

Tina tells Newt that they have to find all his creatures before Graves use them for all accident. Newt tells her that only Dougal is missing, Tina tells him about someone whoe trade the creatures, Gnarlak.

They go to see him about Dougal, they knows where is Dougal is. But he betrays them by tell the Macusa. They get out before they are captured.

While his mother try to punish Credence, she is killed by Obscurus. Newt and them found his Dougal. He understand that why he is escape it help to take care one of Occamies.

They success to get it back, they take them all back to the briefcase. After that one of his creature warn them about danger.

Mr. Graves goes to see Credence, he found that Obscurus killed. He notices that it’s a little girl that live with him, he following her to old house. He found her but he realize that she is not Obscurus but Credence.

He turns into Obscurus and running out on street, Newt see it and try to catch him. Credence destroy part of city. Graves try to calm him but failed, Tina try to distract him while Newt try to help Credence.

Newt try to convinces him, while Wizard’s commander start to make barrier to contain him.

While Newt almost convinces him, but Graves shows up and attack him. Credence upset and attack both of them, Tina shows up and calm him down. Then another wizards shows up, they kill him.

Graves upsets and quit, they try to captured him. He upset and start to attack them, Newt captured him with his creatures. Newt uncast him and reveal this truth form, Grindelwald.

Newt helps them to remove everyone in city’s memory by use one his creature. It cause the rain and delete entire memory of city, while wizards fix all city.