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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8

The Prince of Winterfell

Theon’s sister arrives at Winterfell, she blames him for what he did to boys. He burned and kill them, she tells him that his father wants him back. But he refused to go back, he wants to keep Winterfell.

Snow found that his men are captured too, they want to kill Snow too but Ygritte help him out by tell them Mance wants Eddards’s bastard.

Robb found out that Catelyn release Jaime out because she wants her daughters return. He upsets and guard her in camp, he sent men to following him back. Jaime is escorts by Brienne’s Catelyn knight.

Arya keeps listening on Tywin and try to send news to Robb, but she can’t find the way to tell him on time.

Tyrion and his men plan to siege the castle from Stannis, they think they found where they will be attacked. Tyrion try to tell Cersei to send Joffrey in battlefield with solider but she disagree and hostage his lover instead. But Tyrion found that she didn’t get the right one after that.

Arya try to kill Tywin but his helper can’t help her, so she thinks to escape from the prison to warn Robb instead. At night he told them to walk past the gate, but they found out that all guard are killed.

Tyrion try to protect the city, while Joffrey doesn’t think that Stannis is a threat. Some one tells him about Daenerys and her dragons, he thinks she is not threat for now.

Bran and Rickon are alive, seem Theon burns pleasant’s children to fake the other.