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Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (2016)

Jake is a teenage, he works in store. One day his colleague pick him to see his grandfather. But he tells him that he is in danger, once they arrive at his house.

Jake found that his grandfather’s house is broke in. He notices something at his backyard, he found him dead. Before he died, he tells him to find someone name Emerson. He see something big show up before it run out.

When he was child, his grandfather tells him about Miss Peregrines’ island. He used to believe his story about special children there, but nobody believe him.

After that at Jake’s birthday, his aunt Susie gives him his grandfather’s gift. It’s a book, that show whim where is Miss Peregrines’s island.

Jake convinces his parent to takes him to see Miss Peregrines, he and his father arrive at her island. While his father goes to see the beach, he and local teenage take him to see Miss Peregrines’s place at other side of island. He found that it’s gone, local tells him that it’s destroy during the war. He is upset about it.

Next day he goes to there again to see what’s left, the he notices some people inside. He is freak out and try to escape but he knocks himself down.

He wakes up again and found other children, they tell him that Miss Peregrines sent them to pick him. But when he has chance he run away again but when he run back to hotel he is surprised.

He found that hotel’s manager is change, while they try to catch him for spy. Other children help him out, they tell him about their loop that they stuck in.

He see the Miss Peregrines’s place which is not destroy, he meets her. She tells him about her ability, she is one of Ymbryne who take care of special boy and her goal.

He meets the twin, Claire who has mouth at her back head, Hugh boy who can control bees, Millard who invisible, Horace who project his dream, Emma who can float, Bronwyn, Victor who are very strong, Olive who can control heat and Enoch who can control doll.

He stays and has dinner with them, they all want him to stay. In movie night, Horace shows his dream which sometime is prophetic. After that They show him about reset time.

After that Emma send him out, they notice another hurt Ymbryne. Jake likes to his father about his whereabouts which make him upset.Jake found his grandfather’s letter, it warns Miss Peregrines about barons.

Jake goes back to see Miss Peregrines about warning, he wants her to tell him about her secret. But she won’t, Enoch try to show Jake Victor to scare him.

Jake try to ask everyone about white man eyes but nobody tells him. He tells Emma about white man eye that he saw at his grandfather place, she takes him her secret place.

She shows him his grandfather’s safe, inside he shows her what he saw. She tells them about barons, they raid the loop and kill children. She tells him that his grandfather try to hunt them down, she also tells him that Jake is also Peculiar.

She shows him about what killed Victor, and how Miss Peregrines kill it, hollows. Emma tells him that his Peculiar is can see monster.

Miss Peregrines tells Jake about barons, he steals Ymbryne’s ability and turn themselves to immortal but it failed and turn to Hollows. After that they hunt down Peculiar’s eye to turn themselves back to human.

After Avocet wakes up and tell them what happen, Miss Peregrines decides to leave island. They want Jake to stay with them and help them fight Hollows but he won’t. When he back to his father, he found that one of Peculiar’s adult s killed.

His eyes are out, Jake freaks out and run back to warn them but one of man there following him to the loop. He found that he is baron, he following him there for Miss Peregrines’s loop.

Baron takes Jake to see Miss Peregrines, she tells her children to surrender. She will give herself to him before Hollowgast show up. Barons takes Miss Peregrines out, Jake and other with Avocet try to protect children from Hollowgast.

But Hollowgast shows up and kill Avocet, while it takes Enoch. Jake shoots at it and help Enoch out, they run out to the attic. Try to escape before the bomb will drop down, they escape out before bomb down the house along with hollowgast.

Jake decides to follow them to Blackpool, Emma uses her power to get her secret’s place, the ship up. Olive uses her fire to start the engine, Bronwyn help them bolt the ship.

Jake and Emma discovery that he can safe his grandfather, he tells other children about his plan. They arrive at blackpool, they found Avocet’s loop in 2016.

They go there and found the tower where they found all hollowsgast and Baron. Emma try to taunt them to following them.

Baron’s man and 4 Hollowgast following them, Enoch rise up all skeleton, they make the Hollowgast visible. While Enoch’s skeleton attack them. They success get rid all of them, they go back to Baron.

They take down other Baron’s men while Jake and Emma try to stop Baron from getting Miss Peregrines and other Ymbryne.

Emma and Enoch found 2 Jakes there, they have no idea who is real. Jake found that one of Hollowgast is not die yet, it takes out Baron. Jake take it out after that, Emma and other children leaving.

Once Jake goes back to his time, he straight to see his grandfather. He tells him how to goes to see them again, with several loops through the world Jake finally met them again.