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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7

A Man Without Honor

After Theon found that Bran and other escape, he commands his men to following them. They have a chance to get help but they don’t want to harm the innocent. He still looking for him and try to torture the pleasant.

Tywin still looking for the assassin in his men, after the man that Arya wants to shut him down dead in front of him.

Daenerys is so upset after her dragons missing, she thinks the thirteen is the one who take it. Jorah rush back after heard about it, she tells him to find them.

Snow and his prisoner wander around to find his men, they develop the relationship. She try to convinces him to leave the crow. But she lures him into the trap and get captured.

Cersei found that Sansa now available to give birth, they start to prepare her for marriage. She advises her not to love anyone but her own child.

Jaime plans to escape by use one of his man sacrifice as decoy, he kill the guard and escape. But he is end up catch and beaten by soldier.

Daenerys is at the council she try to beg the thirteen to return her dragons, she found that Xato is the one who steal her dragons. They kill all the council, Jorah shows up and help her escape.

Tyrion and Cersei worry about Joffrey that he will not be able to be the king, they start to think about their sin they did when they kill all Targaryen’s children.

After Jaime try to escape out, Robb’s general wants to kill him for revenge. Catelyn try to help him because she needs him for exchange with her daughters. She tells him that he is a man without honor.