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Arrival (2016)

Louise’s daughter found sick and death after that not long. One day while she goes to teach at university, she notices about the arrival in the news.

There are 12 big objects land on the world, they start to evacuate people out of the town for safety. Whole world are reacting to it with different actions.

After that not long, Colonel Weber shows up at her door. He wants her to translate something for him, it’s a voice from alien.

But she tells him that she needs to see them to translate, he refused her because he thought she just wants to see alien.

That night he shows up at her house and take her to the site, she meets Ian. He is theoretical physic, they are both there to communicate with alien.

They arrive at the military’s camp near the alien’s object, they are given a doze for booze up immunity. After meet their team, they both send up to the object.

They tell them that every 18 hours the object’s door will open, after door open and they are in the chamber inside. They start to walk on one of the wall to the light ahead.

After they wait a while, 2 aliens show up. Louise doesn’t work well but she has more time to figure out.

Next time, they send them again to the object but this time she try to shows them the writing. At first they think that she failed again, but then they response her with some signs.

Colonel thinks that her method are not good idea, he thinks to teach them how to read and write. She explains him that her method is faster, he wants her to tell him next time she wants to say to them.

She try to communicate with them, but seem they are not responding. She decides to take off her suit to let them see her.

They responding to her different, Ian decides to do the same. They tells her their name, after that they are re-check for radiation and infected. But they are clean.

After contact with them several times, they start to understand their vocabulary. But some people in another part of world think that they should attack them first.

Louise starts to dream about those alien, next day Colonel tells her about China and Russia methods to communicate with alien, seem they did with game.

That day she starts to ask them what is their purpose to come here, they answer her that “offer weapon”. They start to panic, she try to explain to them that alien might interpret their language wrong.

After that some of the crew sneaks in to set the bomb in alien’s object, then Louise and Ian show up to see them.

Colonel send some security team to get them back, while talking to them one of alien try to tell her something. She approach them and they teach her how to write in their language.

They push them out of the room before the explosion, Louise and Ian are safe. After wake up they tell her that they are evacuate.

She try to convince them that they should stay, then they found that their ship is moving up. Now they can’t reach them, that night China decides to declare war on alien.

Ian and Louise figure out each of them receive only part, they need to work together to get full piece. But they have to find the way to convince other nation.

While they are arguing, Ian found that Louise is missing. They found that she goes to under object and it send something down to pick her up.

She is inside the ship, she meets them. One of them tell her that the other are dying, she sorry them.

They tell her that they want to help human because in 1000 years later they will need human’s help. After that they start to leave.

She starts to understand what they try to tell her, seem she can see the future of her and Ian and her daughter’s disease.

All nations start to prepare for war, Louise figures out what ‘s their meaning. But Colonel tells her that it’s too late.

Louise see her future with China, she is the one who convinces all nation together. She is running back to camp and call him.

She convinces him, all nations shared all information together. After that their ships are disappear.

After that Louise and Ian are married and have a daughter, even she knows that what will happen to them in future.