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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6

The Old Gods and the New

Winterfell are taken by Theon’s men, he commands Bran to yield for him. He explains him that he yields to safe his people. He has no choice but do, Theon try hard to impress his men.

Snow and ranger go deeper in Mance’s land, while they go after Mance. He captured one of them but she is woman, he decides to leave her. He almost lost her but after get her, he lost with his men.

Arya identity almost break out when Baelish come to visit Tywin. But somehow Baelish didn’t notices her.

At city, after Joffrey and other send off the princess to Theon. While they back in castle, people starts riot when they see Joffrey. During chaos Sansa is missing, Tyrion is looking for her. She almost get killed by pleasant.

At Garden of bones, Daenerys goes to ask trade king for ship, so she can go to her kingdoms. But he think she won’t able to get it. The other offers her something in exchange of her body.

While Catelyn comes to see Robb, while they get news from winterfell. He is upset and wants to go back, but his men warn him that he will lost his gain. He will instead send few men to rescue them.

At Winter fell, Bran and Rickon manages to escape from Theon’s castle, Daenerys found that her dragons are snatch away.