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Ben Hur (2016)

In the Roman Empire, they have game that cover with blood. There are 2 brothers, Messala and Prince Judah. They are adopt brothers, Messala is Roman while Judah is Jew. One day while they are racing their horses, Judah fell off horse and hurt badly.

But later Judah are fine and recovery, one day after party Messala is upset because Judah’s mother doesn’t want him to near her daughter.

That night, Messala decides to go back to Rome as soldier. 3 years later Messala stills didn’t come back while Roman still expand its empire.

Judah finally married with Esther his lover, Roman empires also expand to Judah’s city. One night Judah found the Roman’s rebel, Zealot. They try to convinces Judah to help them, his people. But he won’t care them, next day he is taken by Roman’s soldiers.

He meets Messala, he is happy to see him again. He becomes the Roman’s captain, he tells him about regions. He wants him to help to find the Zealot to prevent the attack.

There is attack to Roman’s soldiers from Zealots, some of his men start to upset at him. They inform Pilate, his commander. After he has diner with Judah’s family, Messala is upset at Judah because he try to protect his people.

Few days later Roman’s army come in city, the boy that Judah helped try to kill Roman’s commander. But he failed, his commander is upset. His army raid Judah’s house and try to find the person who did.

To protect his house and family, Messala confess. He is forced to take them all to show his commander his royalty.

Judah is taken to port of Tyrus as slave in the ship, 5 years later that while Roman’s army is fighting with Greek. His ship down, he leads other slave and try too escape the fighting area. But they end up at bottom of the sea, Judah survives.

He gets on shore and rescued by Ilderim, he helps him to raise his horses in exchange to return him to Jerusalem.

Roman’s commander Pilate, see what Jesus can do to convinces people. He thinks he is dangerous, Messala gets more trust from Ilderim as he can help him control his horses.

He found from Ilderim that Messala is the Pilate’s champion. Once he is at Jerusalem, he found Esther. She become Jesus’s believer, she tells him about his family.

He goes to see Messala alone to ask about his family grave, but Messala’s men shows up. Esther try to convinces him to let go of Messala, but he won’t.

After that night, Roman takes 20 Jews to executed. Ildarim tells Judah that he can revenge his in circus. Ildraim also wants to revenge Roman for his son death.

Next day Ildarim goes to see Pilate to race with his chariot, he lures them with high bet. They fell to it, Ildarim teaches him the rule and trick to help him win.

Esther try to stop both of them from race but they won’t, one night ex-Roman’s solider shows up and tell Judah about his family. He is following him to meet his family, he found them very sick.

On the race’s day, Judah has to fight with a lot of nations. Ildarim tells Judah the strategy to be the slowest and let the other fight each other, Messala takes out few players.

Now Judah stays until the last lap, but he has accident and fell off his chariot. But he gets back on his and continue his race, they fight along on their chariot. Messala try to beat down Judah but he failed and fell off, Judah gets to the line and win.

Judah doesn’t feel that he win after see his brother, Messala death. Ildarim agrees to let him goes, that night he goes back to his house. That night Jesus is arrested and tortured.

Judah try to help him on street but he is crucified, after Jesus die. Judah starts to sorry for what he did to Messala. Judah’s family is heal by rain that fell after Jesus died.

Judah found that Messala still alive but he lost his leg, Messala wants to revenge him. But Judah and Messala forgive each other and they are back as family.