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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5

The Ghost of Harrenhal

Renly demands Catelyn to see Robb personally to make the alliance, then the dark shadows show up outside and kill him. His guard misunderstand that his personal guard kill him, Catelyn convinces her to leave with to avoid punishment.

Renly’s men decide to revenge for him, Baelish convinces them to flee before Stannis shows up.

Tyrion try to warn Cersei about Stannis, but she didn’t tell him much. But he has his closet source to tell him that they have plans to counter Stannis.

Stannis get Renly’s army combine after he dead, his man try to warn him about his witch. Stannis listened and decide not to take her with him.

Theon learns the plan from his first mate, they will be a decoy to attack Stark area before his big army get the city.

Tywin still frustrate over the Robb’s wining, while Arya almost break her secret. She meets man who she rescued, they said they will kill 3 men for her.

Tyrion found out about wildfire, he found the source of wildfire which Cersei commands him to do. But he tells them to make for him instead.

Daenerys and her men attend at the welcome party, she meets other warlord. Mystery woman shows up and tell Jorah that Daenerys will need more protection than ever.

Bran and his men get news that there is army attack their border, he send his men to solve it.

Snow and his men arrive at Mance’s border, they plan to sneak attack on him. Snow convinces his command to be in the attack group.

Xaro tells Daenerys that if she marry him, she will gets half of the wealth that she can buy an army to get her throne. But Jorah disagreed, he thinks she should make her own way.