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The Accountant (2016)

Detective King rush to the shop, he heard several gunshots from there. He see many body on the way, after following the voice he has gun aiming on his head.

20 years ago physician goes to see parent who has children problem, he offers them to give their children in his care but his father doesn’t agree.

Now one of their children, Chris become accountant. He helps a family for their account problem, Medina work agency, today she come to see her boss, King . He found that she lied when she made application.

He shows her the picture of someone who name “the accountant”, he wants her to get close to him and get case solved.

Chris lives alone, when he was child. His mother left him and family, he get crazy and berserk. His father calms him down while his brother look from distance.

In past, Chris meet Francis he tells him about his secret. He warns him that this is dangerous but he can make a lot of money.

Today Chris goes to see the company, he asks their CFO for 15 years about his account. They angry and upset. He meets with the owner, blackburns. He try to convince him to help about his accounting.

Medina is looking for “the accountant”, she try to get his face from all pictures she got. Simon meets someone break in his car and try to threat him, he wants him to stop what he doing to one company.

When Chris arrives at the company, living robotic and he sees his assistant that company send to help him. He found Dana, she fell asleep on table.

After wakes her up, Dana she tells him that she is here to help him. But he refused her help, she going back to her accounting department, she try to friendly to him but he won’t.

He checked their account for last 15 years, next day he shows her the result. He found the fraud in their account.

That night, Ed the CFO of living robotic has some men visit. They force him to kill himself, next day Chris found that the owner want him to stop checking because CFO’s death. Chris starts to feel disturbed because he is not done.

That night he feels not OK, in his childhood his father take him and his brother to study the martial art.

One day those men forced the family to call Chris out, he kill both of them death. He found that they plan to kill also Dana. He rush back to help her.

Dana’s at her apartment and following by a man in suit, Chris notices him with her. He rush into the building to stop him, Dana is attacked by 2 men. She escapes into bathroom, Chris shows up and help her.

She argues that they should go to see the police, he takes her to his hideout. She found his secret, he tells her that they should leave. They hidden in the hotel, Chris and Dana figures out why they are after him.

They think that one who hire him might know the reason, Chris goes to see her and found she is death. He notices a man leave her apartment before disappear.

Medina figures out who is the accountant, Chris. Her boss agree and will plan to get him. Chris decides to leave Dana for her safety.

King, FBI and Medina search Christ’s house, while Blackburn and his men are prepared for the accountant.

In past King almost killed by Chris, but after few talks he lets him live. He was the detective who work on Francis’s case. Until one day Francis is killed by his old employer and Chris goes there to revenge him. He tells her that he gets help from the accountant.

Medina found that King will retires soon, he wants her to work with the accountant after he retires. Then she gets the call, tell her that Chris is at living robotic.

That night living robotic’s guards are down, Chris is there. Blackburn’s men are dead, his men leader remember Chris. Turn on that he is Chris’s brother, Braxton.

After that they start to fight, Braxton blame Chris that because of him their father is killed. Blackburns found out about their relations, he comes to explain how important of him. Chris killed him and leave. He said he will find him.

After that a while, Dana gets package. It’s a paint from Chris.