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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4

Garden of Bones

Robb’s army crush another Lannister’s army, his men suggests him not to keep prisoners to keep supply.

Robb meets Talisa in the field, he fells into her once meet. While Sansa is misused by Joffrey, Tyrion shows up and help her from him. Tyrion try to gives him something to joy him back, but Joffrey gives him something back too.

Baelish goes to see Renly to convinces him back, but failed. He try to split his queen but also failed.

Daenerys’s men get invites from Garden of bones, Arya and other are send to the prison where they are tortured and killed.

Catelyn meets Baelish there he try to convinces her that he has nothing to do with Eddard’s death, but she won’t listen. He tells her about Sansa and Arya, he wants her to deal with Robb to exchange Jaime with her daughters. Baelish also give her Eddard’s corpse as a gift from Cersei.

Renly and Stannis meet but they don’t have agreement, they threaten other to be killed if not surrender.

Daenerys goes to garden of bones and meet Qarths thirteen, seem they interested in her dragons. But they refuse to take her in, but one of them use his life to welcome her in.

Tywin shows up in the camp, he accidentally rescue Gendry before he is killed. He notices that Arya is a girl and take her as his cup-bearer.

Stannis orders his man to sneak his witch to the cave on share and give birth. What is out is the darkness.